Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Chapter 3 The Other Self

Morning already!  I'm too comfy to get up", a voice whiny and petulant sounded in Kipwil's ear.

Kipwil's eyes flew open at the whinge and she leapt out of bed, only to see someone who looked exactly like her, huddling back under the bedclothes.

" Who are you?!" exclaimed Kipwil in shock, but got no reply but " shhh I'm sleeping."

Kipwil hurriedly got dressed and went into the next room.  Shaking slightly, she pushed the button to speak to Queen Michelle.  Almost immediately, Queen Michelle's smile filled the room.

" Good Morning!  I see you are up already!" Queen Michelle greeted Kipwil.

" Queen Michelle!! There's something, I mean there's someone in my bed!" Kipwil almost shouted .

Queen Michelle's face became serious as she looked at Kipwil.

" That, my dear, is your Other Self that stops you from reaching your potential.  She is you, when you make excuses, put yourself down or give up.  This is your second task.  You must vanquish her completely, for that attitude cannot allow you to become a full citizen. Your weapon will be your words, you must diminish her completely.  This will be hard, because this evil twin of ourselves will often reappear when you least expect it.  Remember your lesson here, and you will always be triumphant."

And with that, the screen blanked out, leaving Kipwil feeling alone, afraid and confused.

Not really knowing what to do, Kipwil tiptoed back to the bedroom.

" Uh hello? It's time to get up now" she said hesitantly.

" NO!  I'm too tired" came back the grumbled reply.
Use your words as your weapon, that's what Queen Michelle said thought Kipwil.  Taking a breath she reached out and yanked the covers off.

" You will go to bed earlier and then wake up not so tired." She said commandingly.

To her surprise, the other Kipwil, dragged herself out of bed still moaning but she seemed a little paler than before.
" Right," continued Kipwil," Let's go outside and go for a walk.  We might meet some new friends again." Kipwil smiled as she said this, thinking of the fun and the warmth she'd felt yesterday.

" No!" came the whiny voice again..." It's too cold, it's too hot, it's too rainy, it's too windy."
" Fine then.  Let's go meet the people in the Workshop." Kipwil countered swiftly, and watched as the Other Self faded a little more.

They walked out of the dwelling together, Kipwil striding happily to be out and about, eager to explore some more, the Other Self dragging her feet along muttering away to herself..." I can't be bothered, people will just laugh at me, I'll do it all wrong, it won't be fun, I'll become too boring, it's not going to hurt anyway if we just skip one day of this, you deserve a holiday."

And to each Kipwil countered sternly with " Just try for 10 minutes, why would people laugh at you? We'll find somewhere private for you then, learn how to do it the right way, there's no shame in asking for tips or for help, how can learning something new make you boring? Make a game of it to make it fun, it will hurt us if we miss this just try for 10 minutes.  Besides we DESERVE to be happy, healthy, strong and fit.  We'll look better and think better and FEEL better!"

And with each statement, the Other Self faded a little more and a little more, and her voice became quieter and quieter.  At last they came to the Workshop, a large building filled with many different machines and groups of people.  The machines were helping people to sculpt their bodies and to improve their health, there were groups of people attending classes, some on nutrition, some active and one group dancing to Latin rhythms, having the time of their life!  Kipwil felt a surge of energy race through her and she couldn't wait to have a go herself. She noticed there were other 12WBTers with other selfs attached, grumbling and whining and whinging.  One even had a temper tantrum screaming how she wanted that Mars Bar NOW NOW NOW and how mean her 12WBTER was being.

Man, I am glad I don't have one of those, though Kipwil.....a little too soon.

" Why are we here?  You should be home doing housework, you're too busy to waste time in here." came a familiar whiny voice.
" Oh will you please just shut UP!" Kipwil shot back.  " I have done all the jobs already and this time I have scheduled in my diary so I DO have time and I HAVE done the housework!!!!!"

The Other Self faded more and more until she was just an irritating shadow, dogging Kipwil's heels as she tried the new equipment, learned about health and fitness and even tried a yoga class for the first time.  By the end of the day, the shadow was barely visible and Kipwil was feeling great as she started to walk back to her lodgings.

I still have this shadow following me, thought Kipwil, looking behind her slightly.  How do I get rid of her?  I haven't succeeded after all.

Suddenly, the shadow surged into life again, the Other Self, her face twisted into cruelty and meanness tried a last ditch effort.
" You're not good enough for here, you never were.  You have no self discipline, what does someone like you think you can belong here?  Nothing Ever Changes is your home because you will NEVER change!"

Kipwil stopped, her heart as cold as ice. She's right, i don't belong.  i'm just useless and i don't have any self discipline.  i'll never ever be good enough, i'm just fooling myself."

With each statement kipwil was agreeing with she grew more and more defeated, and the Other Self grew and grew and grew until she was big and strong enough to start dragging a depressed and unresisting kipwil towards the city gates.

Whispers were floating around kipwil's head but she couldn't hear them in the depths of her despair.  All she could hear was the Other Self's voice, degrading her until kipwil just wanted to curl up and die. 

Kipwil where are you going?  I thought you wanted this",  one of the whispers found a gap in the tirade the Other Self was beating kipwil with and went directly to her brain. "You have to fight. The hardest fought battle is here and it is time to be victorious!!!!!"

kipwil blinked  and stopped.  The Other Self turned snarling, tightening her grip. " You are coming with me"

" No. I'm not.  I will LEARN self discipline and if I fail I will just keep trying. I have people here to help me and to keep me on the right track.  I DO belong here just as much as everyone else becasue we are all the same.  We are all looking for a BETTER WAY! And I AM GOOD ENOUGH AND THAT IS ENOUGH!!!!!" Kipwil's voice rose to a shout.

With a sound like a balloon deflating, the Other Self shrivelled into a tiny dot.  Just before she winked out of sight altogether, she whispered " I will be back you know. I will."

" Good'" said Kipwil vehemently. " I will be ready and waiting for you."

And with that Kipwil spun around and started walking back to her room.

What next for Kipwil?  Does she remain triumphant? Is she ready for the next task?  Stay tuned.....

Monday, 29 August 2011

Chapter 2. The First Task

The sun was just peeping over the horizon when Kipwil sat up in the warm comfortable bed she had been led to last night.  The sleep she'd had was the best ever and she couldn't wait to see what the first task would be.  Kipwil quickly dressed into the clothes she wore when she came to 12WBT, that had been magically whisked away and cleaned.  But somehow they didn't feel like they were the right sort of thing to wear here.
" Oh well," thought Kipwil calmly," I'll buy some more from the shop here when I am accepted."

Kipwil walked into the next room which held a huge glowing screen, pulsing with rainbow light.  Curious she drew nearer and was just reaching out a hand to touch it when...
" Ah, I see you have found my communicator" a cheerful voice said behind her.
Jumping back nervously, Kipwil spun around and saw Queen Michelle standing in the doorway, smiling that smile all the way into her eyes.

" I'm sorry, I was just..."

" No! Don't be sorry!  This is how we will talk for the time being.  I have many subjects all over and I must spend time with each and every one of them.  This will be the way I can speak to you and you alone.  If you ever need to talk to me or hear what I have to say for you, then just press this button here", Queen Michelle indicated a small blue button to the left of the screen, " and I will be there for you."

" Now for the first task" Queen Michelle continued merrily. " Here in 12WBT we are all interconnected, we all become part of the same family.  And that family will be beside you cheering you on or holding you up whenever you need it.  So your first task is to meet your new family members."

Kipwil was bewildered by all of this. New family? How do I meet them all? What will I say?  These were some of the thoughts racing through her head.  All the worries came back.  What if they don't like me?  What if I don't know how to talk to them? what if....?

" Now stop those self doubts! This is a place of love and friendship, so no more worrying!" Queen Michelle's voice appeared in Kipwil's head again. " Just do it."

Kipwil slowly turned and opened the door to the outside and stepped out into the new sunlight, looking for someone to meet.

She saw a smiling face approaching her down the road.  Taking a big breath, Kipwil swallowed and said,

" Hi I'm Kipwil, I come from  Nothing ever Changes.  I have 4 children, I breed bengal cats and I came here looking for a new life and how to live it."

" Hi!", the beaming person said, " I'm Jess. Glad to meet you!"

Kipwil felt a warm glow inside her....they WERE friendly here!  Soon she was meeting people left, right and centre, some new like herself and others who love the city so much they haven't left.  The day flew by with many exchanges of stories and ideas and fun!  Soon the sun was sinking  fast and Kipwil noticed how long she had spent meeting her new family. She hurried back to her lodgings and as she was walking past the pulsing screen, she pressed the blue button, just to see if Queen Michelle would be there.
Queen Michelle's face suddenly appeared in front of her.

" Well, how did it go?" Queen Michelle asked Kipwil teasingly.

" It was fantastic!  Everyone is so lovely!  They all love you Queen Michelle and they all just want to help each other!  I love it here and want to stay!"

" Well done Kipwil," glowed Queen Michelle. " you have passed the first task.  Sleep well now and tomorrow, we will face the second task. It will be a little more difficult but I know you will be able to do it."
The screen flickered once and Queen Michelle's face disappeared.  Kipwil had a light dinner, already laid out for her and climbed wearily but contentedly into her cuddlesome bed.

" Today was a good day", Kipwil thought," I wonder what tomorrow may bring?"

What will the next day bring our heroine?  Will the next task prove to be as easily accomplished?  Or will it be the first stumbling block?  Check it out tomorrow in The Other Self.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chapter 1: New Lessons, new goals!

New Lessons of which is how to blog!

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Kipwil.  Outside she was 39 years old but inside she was anywhere between 8 and 16, pretending to be grown up.  Kipwil lived in the land of Nothing Ever Changes, where, well, nothing ever changes.  And while she was very comfortable in this town, every now and then, she'd glimpse, in the far off distance, other exciting lands through the people around her. This got Kipwil to wondering " What if..?  What if I did that?  What if that were me? What if living in Nothing Ever Changes is not the best life I can live?"
With these thoughts popping up more and more frequently, Kipwil grew dissatisfied with her day to day life and decided to do something about it.  She stumbled across a sign " IT'S CRUNCH TIME" And followed the path to a bustling happy place called ' 12WBT '.

" This is the place for me", thought Kipwil, " Everyone is helping each other and they all look GREAT!"

So Kipwil contacted the ruler of 12WBT, Queen Michelle.  Queen Michelle was spreading her words of wisdom, love and advice to many of her subjects.  When Kipwil approached her, nervously, Queen Michelle turned a billion kilowatt smile at her. 
" JFDI", Queen Michelle said convincingly inside Kipwil's head!
" She must have incredible powers of the mind as well as beauty wit and wisdom", thought Kipwil.
And so she immediately enrolled herself as a temporary citizen.

As a new temporary citizen, Kipwil discovered there was an initiation process to be done.  Queen Michelle set for Kipwil eight tasks to prove she was of worthy mettle to be included into the family of 12WBT.
" Eight tasks!", thought Kipwil worriedly, "What if they are hard?  What if they hurt?  What if they are....IMPOSSIBLE?!"
" Relax", Queen Michelle interrupted the panic stricken flow of thoughts.  " You will receive these tasks one at a time and there will be no time limit on achieving them.  Believe in yourself and you can DO IT!You will receive the first of these tasks tomorrow at dawn.  Go and rest now, and we will speak in the morning."

What is the first task?  Can Kipwil control her worries and self doubts to overcome each task? What is in store for our courageous heroine?  Stay tuned for more episodes.....