Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chapter 1: New Lessons, new goals!

New Lessons of which is how to blog!

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Kipwil.  Outside she was 39 years old but inside she was anywhere between 8 and 16, pretending to be grown up.  Kipwil lived in the land of Nothing Ever Changes, where, well, nothing ever changes.  And while she was very comfortable in this town, every now and then, she'd glimpse, in the far off distance, other exciting lands through the people around her. This got Kipwil to wondering " What if..?  What if I did that?  What if that were me? What if living in Nothing Ever Changes is not the best life I can live?"
With these thoughts popping up more and more frequently, Kipwil grew dissatisfied with her day to day life and decided to do something about it.  She stumbled across a sign " IT'S CRUNCH TIME" And followed the path to a bustling happy place called ' 12WBT '.

" This is the place for me", thought Kipwil, " Everyone is helping each other and they all look GREAT!"

So Kipwil contacted the ruler of 12WBT, Queen Michelle.  Queen Michelle was spreading her words of wisdom, love and advice to many of her subjects.  When Kipwil approached her, nervously, Queen Michelle turned a billion kilowatt smile at her. 
" JFDI", Queen Michelle said convincingly inside Kipwil's head!
" She must have incredible powers of the mind as well as beauty wit and wisdom", thought Kipwil.
And so she immediately enrolled herself as a temporary citizen.

As a new temporary citizen, Kipwil discovered there was an initiation process to be done.  Queen Michelle set for Kipwil eight tasks to prove she was of worthy mettle to be included into the family of 12WBT.
" Eight tasks!", thought Kipwil worriedly, "What if they are hard?  What if they hurt?  What if they are....IMPOSSIBLE?!"
" Relax", Queen Michelle interrupted the panic stricken flow of thoughts.  " You will receive these tasks one at a time and there will be no time limit on achieving them.  Believe in yourself and you can DO IT!You will receive the first of these tasks tomorrow at dawn.  Go and rest now, and we will speak in the morning."

What is the first task?  Can Kipwil control her worries and self doubts to overcome each task? What is in store for our courageous heroine?  Stay tuned for more episodes.....

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