Monday, 29 August 2011

Chapter 2. The First Task

The sun was just peeping over the horizon when Kipwil sat up in the warm comfortable bed she had been led to last night.  The sleep she'd had was the best ever and she couldn't wait to see what the first task would be.  Kipwil quickly dressed into the clothes she wore when she came to 12WBT, that had been magically whisked away and cleaned.  But somehow they didn't feel like they were the right sort of thing to wear here.
" Oh well," thought Kipwil calmly," I'll buy some more from the shop here when I am accepted."

Kipwil walked into the next room which held a huge glowing screen, pulsing with rainbow light.  Curious she drew nearer and was just reaching out a hand to touch it when...
" Ah, I see you have found my communicator" a cheerful voice said behind her.
Jumping back nervously, Kipwil spun around and saw Queen Michelle standing in the doorway, smiling that smile all the way into her eyes.

" I'm sorry, I was just..."

" No! Don't be sorry!  This is how we will talk for the time being.  I have many subjects all over and I must spend time with each and every one of them.  This will be the way I can speak to you and you alone.  If you ever need to talk to me or hear what I have to say for you, then just press this button here", Queen Michelle indicated a small blue button to the left of the screen, " and I will be there for you."

" Now for the first task" Queen Michelle continued merrily. " Here in 12WBT we are all interconnected, we all become part of the same family.  And that family will be beside you cheering you on or holding you up whenever you need it.  So your first task is to meet your new family members."

Kipwil was bewildered by all of this. New family? How do I meet them all? What will I say?  These were some of the thoughts racing through her head.  All the worries came back.  What if they don't like me?  What if I don't know how to talk to them? what if....?

" Now stop those self doubts! This is a place of love and friendship, so no more worrying!" Queen Michelle's voice appeared in Kipwil's head again. " Just do it."

Kipwil slowly turned and opened the door to the outside and stepped out into the new sunlight, looking for someone to meet.

She saw a smiling face approaching her down the road.  Taking a big breath, Kipwil swallowed and said,

" Hi I'm Kipwil, I come from  Nothing ever Changes.  I have 4 children, I breed bengal cats and I came here looking for a new life and how to live it."

" Hi!", the beaming person said, " I'm Jess. Glad to meet you!"

Kipwil felt a warm glow inside her....they WERE friendly here!  Soon she was meeting people left, right and centre, some new like herself and others who love the city so much they haven't left.  The day flew by with many exchanges of stories and ideas and fun!  Soon the sun was sinking  fast and Kipwil noticed how long she had spent meeting her new family. She hurried back to her lodgings and as she was walking past the pulsing screen, she pressed the blue button, just to see if Queen Michelle would be there.
Queen Michelle's face suddenly appeared in front of her.

" Well, how did it go?" Queen Michelle asked Kipwil teasingly.

" It was fantastic!  Everyone is so lovely!  They all love you Queen Michelle and they all just want to help each other!  I love it here and want to stay!"

" Well done Kipwil," glowed Queen Michelle. " you have passed the first task.  Sleep well now and tomorrow, we will face the second task. It will be a little more difficult but I know you will be able to do it."
The screen flickered once and Queen Michelle's face disappeared.  Kipwil had a light dinner, already laid out for her and climbed wearily but contentedly into her cuddlesome bed.

" Today was a good day", Kipwil thought," I wonder what tomorrow may bring?"

What will the next day bring our heroine?  Will the next task prove to be as easily accomplished?  Or will it be the first stumbling block?  Check it out tomorrow in The Other Self.


Tanya said...

If we are a family, I must be your new sister, pleased to meet you, I haven't met you in that special village yet! I love a good fairy story because THEY ALWAYS have a happy ending, I am looking forward to seeing yours unfold.

Kipwil said...

Now we've met! Pleased to meet you too :)