Monday, 5 December 2011

Chapter 35: The beginning of the end.

It was a sunny day amd Kipwil longed to go out for an afternoon run.  She had her workout with Sergeant JFDI that morning and the endorphins had definitely worn off.  She sat forlornly, surrounded by boxes and used tissues....Nanny's used tissues.

Nanny Nutrition, Sergeant JFDI and Weekly Surprise were watching Kipwil packing her belongings.  It was the end of her time in 12WBT land.  After the Graduation ceremony, Kipwil was out looking for new horizons.  Nanny sobbed loudly but in a ladylike manner into a succession of limp and overused tissues.  Sergeant JFDI stood stiffly, a muscle twitching in his jaw every now and then.  Weekly Surprise slumped on the table, glitter pooling around her feet and a sad little music box tune emanated from her.

" Come on guys," said Kipwil, sniffing a little herself, " this isn't helping."

" No no, you are quite right dear.  I do apologise.  Come come Sergeant and Weekly, we must leave Kipwil in peace."  snuffled Nanny Nutrition, ending in a sob. She turned and, with Sergeant JFDI's arm around her shoulders, they left the room.

Weekly Surprise flitted wanly near Kipwil.

" Don't forget, your last tasks Kipwil.  Final weigh in, measurements and fitness test. I am going to miss you so so so so so so much."  The little envelope struggled to smile.

"I'm going to miss you too," Kipwil replied lightly hugging Weekly Surprise.  She had to hide a smile that even in the depths of despair, Weekly Surprise still found a way to be enthusiastic in her own misery. 

Kipwil watched Weekly Surprise float away.  

RIGHT! thought Kipwil I've had enough of this.  Lets do the fitness test. I'll weigh in  tomorrow morning.

Kipwil pulled on her uniform and her joggers and was out the door and down to the testing ground in a flash.

Stopclock smiled as much as his serious demeanor would allow.

"Welcome to your Final Test, Kipwil." he said deeply.

" Stopclock, I want to say thank you.  It has been a pleasure working with you!" smiled Kipwil and she flung her arms around his thick stony trunk.

"AHEM!  We should start." tolled Stopclock, a hint of embarrassment colouring his words.

Kipwil went through her paces. Push ups in a minute, sit ups, wall sits, flexibility test and the 1 Km time trial.  She was pleased with her results.  34 pushups on her toes in one minute, more than her first attempt 12 weeks ago which was 24 on her knees. Wall sit was  58 seconds,  her first attempt was 38 secs, flexibility test scored 15 cms, her original was 8 cms .  And her time trial.....that was completed in 4 mins 31 a whole 1 min 47 secs more than her first fitness test!!! She was very happy to see those results inscribed on the wall at home, and when it was bedtime, she was still smiling.  She reviewed her Goal map.  Against each mark for 3 months, was a neat spot, indicating achievement.  I've gone from avoiding goals to setting and achieving them! she said to herself amazed.

Day dawned in the usual way and Kipwil woke up full of energy.  She ran into the bathroom to find Cyril De Scale wiping his eyes in the mirror.

" Cyril!" Kipwil cried, concerned," what is the matter?"

" Nothing!  Nothing is the matter!  I momentarily was inconvenienced by a speck of dust in my eye.  Now quickly please, I haven't all day, it is final results time."  Cyril snapped and irritably settled himself on the floor.

Kipwil stepped on lightly and almost held her breath, waiting for the result.

" 48.5 kilograms.  Original weight 55.9 kilograms.  Kipwil, you have lost a total of 7.4 kilograms, 13.2 % weight loss. Congratulayay-AY-AY"  Cyril informed and ended in a wail.

" I will never see you again!  We will be parted forever!  Kipwil, you can jump on me all you like!  How will I ever face Weigh in Wednesdays without you!"  he shrieked in his grief, tears squeezing out of every possible crevice.

Kipwil knelt down gently and wiped his face clear.

" Cyril, you have been a huge part of my team.  I am so grateful to have had you here.  Thank you, for everything." she said quietly, dropping a light kiss on his brow.

They were interrupted by the measuring tape, fluttering in and around them, binding them all together in a group hug on the bathroom floor.  Kipwil giggled and squeezed them both.

" Let's get measuring!" she said smiling again.

The tape flitted here, measured there and flew around in circles until Kipwil was dizzy.  The final results were recorded as this.

CHEST          W1 88.5 cm    W12   81 cms
WAIST           W1  76           W12   68.5
HIPS               W1  87.5        W12   81
L THIGH        W1  45           W12   47
R THIGH         W1  44.5       W12   47
L ARM            W1   29         W12   27
R ARM            W1  30          W12   27.5

Total centimetres lost : 21.5 cms

The tape flew around Kipwil once and then hovered in the air in front of her, making a heart shape.  Kipwil grinned.

" Thank you, I love you too," she said and blew the tape a kiss.  As if blown by her breath, it twisted in the air and flew out the bathroom door.

The last thing to do was her before and after pictures.  This was displayed on her results wall, front and centre,  Kipwil was amazed at what she saw.

The rainbow screen flickered to show Queen Mish's face  smiling out and her hands applauding Kipwil.

" Well Done!!!  Look at you!!" she exclaimed!  " Kipwil you have done well, I am blown away by your pics and by the other before and after pics I've been seeing.  I am so proud of you all!"

Kipwil was surprised to see a tear in Queen Mish's eye.

" Kipwil, the graduation ceremony is coming up but I will speak with you before then.  I know you have one more fun run to do and I look forward to hearing about that one!  Now I must go find myself a dress for the party!  I can't wait to see you! " Queen Mish went on.

Kipwil smiled. It felt good to have her efforts appreciated, by the woman who inspired her to start this life changing event.

" I owe you so much Queen Mish, " Kipwil said seriously," It's not just my health thats changed but so much more.  My confidence is better, my mind is stronger and healthier, you have shown me I can do it and I can do it well.  The lessons I learned here are lessons that can be placed in every single part of my life to make a change for the better.  I cannot tell you how much that means to me."

Queen Mish put both her hands over her eyes and wiped. " Kipwil, you are amazing.  All my 12 WBTers are amazing.  I learn just as much from you all as you learn from me.  I hope you will come and stay with me again one day. But I will leave you with a may choose whoever you like from your team to join you in your new life.  It may be one or all, but you decide."

" I'll take them ALL!" Kipwil exclaimed, her heart suddenly much lighter. " I can't wait to tell them!"

" Well, I think you ought to tell Nanny Nutrition first, before she dehydrates from fluid loss!" Queen Mish laughed.

And with that the screen faded, leaving Kipwil sitting deep in thought on the floor.

What's the last funrun?  What will happen at the graduation ceremony?  Stay tuned!!!

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