Friday, 16 December 2011

Chapter 40: The Final Chapter or Graduation Weekend part 2

Kipwil woke confused at first, wondering where she was.  She blinked around the unfamiliar room and then suddenly remembered.  Today was the final workout and Finale party!  She smiled to herself and snuggled back under the covers.

When Mermaid Mel awoke, they dressed and wandered down the street to find a cafe for breakfast.  They had croissants and hot chocolate before separating....Mermaid Mel went to the movies and Kipwil ran the last few kilometres to the Brazillian Fields in Centennial Park.  As she got closer she could hear a familiar voice going through sound checks and Kipwil picked up speed.

As she rounded a bend, she saw a few tents set up in a row, with lots of blue volunteer shirts.  In the background was a stage and in front of the stage was  Queen Mish herself, wearing the Royal workout gear of black shirt and shorts.  She looked FANTASTIC in real life and Kipwil was even more determined in herself to work harder to look as fit and toned as Queen Mish.

Kipwil was dressed in her Camo gear to show which province of 12WBT land she was from.  She found several other camo tops and went over to introduce herself.  She was pleased to see so many!  Everyone was friendly and all got on like a house on fire.  Queen Mish finished her sound checks and came over to the tents for photos.

Kipwil scrabbled for her camera.
" Queen Mish, could I get a photo with you please?" Kipwil asked as people around were pushing to get photos too.
" Absolutely but it has to be quick, I've got to get back so we can get started!" Queen Mish smiled.

The call went out for all 12 WBTers to come to the field and they came in droves.  There were hundreds of men and women, all different shapes and sizes flooding into the field for the hour long workout.  It was a great feeling knowing every single person there knew what the last 12 weeks had been like, they had all experienced successes and failures and all picked themselves up and carried on.  The atmosphere was incredible, beyond description.  The closest Kipwil could think about it was it was as if the field was elctrified in a rainbow bubble of laughter and determination, and that the air felt as light as helium, holding everyone up so it felt as if you were working out suspended in space.  Just amazing.

The workout passed so quickly, Kipwil was surprised to learn an hour had had felt like they had just started.  The reality of this being the end of her stay in 12WBT was starting to sink in, and she felt a pang of grief. Don't spoil the day by sooking now Kipwil scolded herself and, mentally strengthening herself, she went off to find Mermaid Mel.

The two girls spent the afternoon looking through markets and having a glorious time just wandering.  When they went back to the Hotel, they spent some time tizzing themselves up and getting ready for the party at Fox Studios.  Nails were done, faces made up and Kipwil slipped on the dress she brought to wear....a black and red number which Kipwil was a little anxious was shorter than how she normally wears skirts and it was RED!  You only live once Kipwil reasoned with herself and stepped out of the bathroom.

Mermiad Mel gave a cheeky whistle.

" It's not too short?" Kipwil asked laughing at Mermaid Mel.

" No!  You've got the legs for it, go for it!" Mermaid Mel laughed back.

After a pre party cocktail, the taxi arrived and dropped the girls off at the red carpet.  There were lots of people milling about, taking their turn to go in and be photographed.  At long last it was Kipwil and Mermaid Mel's turn.

The party was amazing.  So many people, champagne flowing freely, canapes circulating around, Kipwil and Mermaid Mel had a ball meeting other people and chatting away.  The awards for the evening were given out and Kipwil was so proud of all the winners....everyone had worked so hard.

But you know what?  Each and every one of us here have worked hard and I bet you we've all been told at least once that we are inspirational, Kipwil thoght to herself, gazing around at all the happy faces.

Kipwil and Mermaid Mel danced the night away and had a ball.

The next day, it was all over.  The end.  It was time to move out of 12WBT land and into a new adventure.  Kipwil wasn't sure she could do it alone, without Queen Mish beside her.  She thought about it all flight back to Hubba Hubba, full of what ifs, and I don't knows and a heart heavy with sadness. When the plane landed she thought she'd just ask to move back to 12 WBT for the next 12 weeks.

Hubba Hubba greeted her at the airport with a huge hug.

" I missed you so much!" he said to her, squeezing tightly.

" You too!  Hubba Hubba, how about we just go back to 12WBT?  I don't know if I can do this without Queen Mish." Kipwil blurted out, and went on telling him of what she was afraid of.

" Well, I KNOW we can do this on our own.  It is time to look for a new horizon babe." Hubba Hubba said. " And to prove it, I have a surprise for you..."

He led her to the car and told her to look closely at the number plate.

 " I LOVE IT!"  Kipwil squealed and laughing, threw her arms around Hubba Hubba yet again."When did you get this!"

" It's a gift for you babe, I'm so proud of what you have achieved over the past 12 weeks, I KNOW we can do this.  It's time to put what we learned into action.  Are you up for the challenge?" he asked Kipwil.

" Let's Just Freaking Do It"  Kipwil grinned back and they drove off to the next big adventure.

Thank you to all those who have stuck with the story of Living Life with Kipwil!  Here endeth the first book. I'd like to thank my family for their support, the Facebook community of 12 Week Body transformation for advice, laughs and support and most importantly, Michelle Bridges for putting together a program that WORKS!  If you would like to visit 12WBT land yourself, go to  and change your life.  You only get one so let's LIVE IT!


Ronnie said...

Wow Kip,

Such a great story. Congratulations on your amazing achievements. And you are my inspiration. I have signed up to do round 1 2012!

Thank you.


Kipwil said...

Ronnie that is GREAT NEWS!!!!! I'm continuing on the blog under the title Kipwil in the real World

I can't wait to see your results!!!

Michelle said...

Love it!!!