Thursday, 8 December 2011

Chapter 37: Saying goodbye.

At last the day had come.  Kipwil was about to fly out to the graduation workout and ceremony with Mermaid Mel. Her bags were packed and her belongings all boxed up waiting for the removalists.
“ Oh dear,” sniffed Nanny Nutrition,” Oh dear oh dear oh dear”

The recipes were all subdued, Kipwil was amazed there wasn’t even so much as a wriggle or hair pull from any of them.  The rest of the team stood by the packed boxes sadly.  Sergeant JFDI, Weekly Surprise, Cyril De Scales, Measuring Tape, Randy the Bike, even the stone grey man from the Mine of Need.  Kipwil looked at them all and took a deep breath.

“ My friends, you know I will miss you all so much.  I will miss living here so much. I don’t want it to end.  Queen Mish has been so generous and inspiring and she has changed my life….you all have.  She let me have one last wish before I left and I chose…….taking you all with me!  If you want to come that is!

Kipwil was met with stunned silence.  Then Weekly Surprise let out a loud triumphant trumpet sound, and the room erupted into excited chatter.  Even Sergeant JFDI unbent a little to crack a small relieved smile.  Measuring tape did continuous loop de loops in the air, Cyril kept bursting out with “My word, My word!” and the recipes went wild. Nanny Nutrition began crying again in earnest and flapped the sodden handkerchief in the air.

“ Ok!!!!” Kipwil shouted happily,” I take that as a yes?”

And each and every one of them yelled “YES

Now there was action a plenty.  The removalists were coming within the next 24 hours and Kipwil had collect Mermaid Mel from the river and be on a plane in less than that.  So much had to be packed!  So much to be organised!  Kipwil tried to help but Nanny shooed her away.

“ Dear, I know you mean well, but let us do the organising.  You have a workout to do, I’m sure” she said absentmindedly.

Kipwil smiled and went to The Workshop for the last 12 WBT fatburner class.  She knew wherever she went she would find another Workshop, very similar to this one and she could continue with Sergeant JFDI.  Hubba Hubba was going to be a huge help too soon.  He had taken some time to find out about trainer courses through the Fitness College and was keen to gain his qualification.

How far have we come? Kipwil wondered to herself as she made her way to the Workshop. Twelve weeks ago I was just wishing and watching, beating myself down and living every excuse in the book.  I never realised life could be so much FUN and colourful and full of so many things to do!!!  I have learned so many things, tried so many new things I never would have tried before. I am STRONG! WE are STRONG! She added thinking of Hubba Hubba and the children.

She turned to look back at her home for the past 12 weeks.

“ Goodbye home” she said quietly.  “I will miss you. I will miss chatting with Queen Mish.  I will miss your garden. But I have my team, and I have my memories.  I hope I can see you again one day.”

She turned and looked down the road towards the Workshop.

“ But now, let’s see what tomorrow brings!!!!

What will tomorrow bring?  What happens at the Graduation ceremony? How will this first book end?

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