Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chapter 29: A change of pace.

I sit by the river, in the shade of a gum
Watching the river float by, twinkling in the sun.
I hear the piping of the birds and the lullaby of the leaves
As the scent of the wattle settles over me.

I relax on the grass, lying on the bank
And silently think about who I have to thank
For the strength that runs through my veins with ease
And the determination that set my will free.

MICHELLE BRIDGES’ the air around me cries
12 Week transformation’ hum the dragonflies
A reflection ripples in the calm water
Queen Mish’s face is there wreathed in laughter.

“ I gave you the tools, the plan and advice
 But YOU did the work and paid the price.
YOU reap the reward of new healthy lifestyles”
Queen Mish told me with the biggest of smiles.

Now armed with new mantras like JFDI
I hit my stride and found I could fly
I have biceps and triceps, glutes and quads
And so many more, who knew the odds?

The rest of my life lies before my feet
Much like the river flowing to the sea
My options are endless, only contained by me
And I intend to explore every possibility.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME.....fellow 12wbter

Michelle said...

Love it!

Troy Willems said...

You are a real inspiration my Love.