Friday, 4 November 2011

Chapter 28: Floating on air.

Kipwil's life had been following a pattern now, all thanks to the timetable she set up when she was completing her tasks upon her arrival.  She was enjoying her time with Sergeant JFDI, her chats with Nanny Nutrition and the party enthusiasm Weekly Surprise brought with her.

Weekly Surprise was accompanied one day in week 7 with a tiny little red envelope.
" This is a gift from Queen Mish, Kipwil!" Weekly Surprise squealed with delighted thrills. " You have won a challenge!"

Indeed Kipwil HAD won a challenge and safely tucked away in the red envelope was a happy little voucher, complete with running shoes on.  It cheerily jogged up onto Kipwil's hand and along her arm so Kipwil could read it.

" FANTASTIC!" Kipwil said in amazement," it's a voucher for $50 for Athlete's Foot!  I am SOOO getting a new pair of shoes properly fitted!" 

Kipwil had also taken part in another run up the Hill of Heroics.  She felt strong and happy as she ran and was wondering aloud if the Hill of Heroics had shrunk somewhat.  A Catchya gnome , taking pictures at the finish line, overheard Kipwil and squeaked " No shrunk, you STRONG" and popped back in his burrow.  Kipwil smiled and pumped her arms as she crossed the finish line, she felt invincible.  Her determination and joy in running was seen in the Catchya gnomes pictures, that were displayed on her results wall.

The first was at the 4 Km mark, still smiling.....

 Hubba Hubba laughed as he pointed out yet another picture of Kipwil running without her feet touching the ground  and still smiling....

And the finish line sprint....

Kipwil ran that race 2 minutes faster than last time.

Kipwil could see and feel the changes in her body.  She was definitely stronger, she could feel that as she stretched and could see the weights on her Workshop Body Pump Classes get bigger.  She felt good inside from the clean and whole foods Nanny Nutrition was showing her how to make and her mind was definitely stronger too.  Kipwil approached the next Measurement and Fitness day with confidence and blitzed it all.

That evening, after the Fitness Test, Kipwil stood and looked at her results board with Queen Mish on the screen.

" Kipwil, I am so proud of you.  You  improved on every aspect of your weight, your measurements and your fitness test.  You've lost a total of 20 cms overall and 6.3 kilos. How do you feel?" Queen Mish said smiling

" I feel GREAT!  I feel good about myself and even when I have the blahs, I just get out and do it anyway and I always feel better for doing it.  When I indulge and have a treat, I don't beat myself up over it because I know I can restrain myself now.  And I am most proud of my time trial....if you had told me 8 weeks ago I could run 1 km in 4 mins and 34 seconds, I would have laughed at you and never done it.  I feel like I can do anything." Kipwil replied, the words flying out of her mouth.

" You CAN do anything Kipwil!" said Queen Mish.  " Everyone around you has been telling you that for years, but the Other Self in your mind has blocked it all from getting through.  You are going great guns and I salute you. You should be floating on air"  With that, Queen Mish winked and her image flickered on the screen before it went back to the rainbow light.

Kipwil smiled....she WAS floating on air.  She air walked out to the garden and Hubba Hubba, who was waiting for her. He took her hand, spun her gently around and found himself rising to meet her.

" Shall we dance?" he said as he drew her close, and they danced among the stars, while the night sang.

Kipwil is doing so well, and there's 4 weeks left to go.  Will she be walking on air for the next 4 weeks?  Are there any challenges left to face?  Only time will tell.....

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