Monday, 10 October 2011

Chapter 24: The one month result.

It was Mail day and Kipwil allowed Nanny Nutrition and Sergeant JFDI take care of their charges as quickly as possible.  After all, she had a busy day ahead…her workout with the Sergeant, packing for her trip to Queensland AND the children were on school holidays and had booked her in to see a movie and go for a bike ride.  There was just not another spare minute in the day.
Kipwil had not counted on Weekly Surprise uttering a little squeal of delight, dragging out an equally excitable note.

KIPWIL!” Weekly Surprise shrieked,” It’s FITNESS TEST Time and Measurement time again!!!

Mentally Kipwil face palmed herself. “ Already, it’s been 4 weeks?  Well I have to make time to do it today, there’s just no other spare minute” she said a little stressed and grumpy.

Weekly Surprise was a little subdued at Kipwil’s tone and deposited herself into Kipwil’s pocket as quiet as an orchestral accompaniment could be.  Kipwil grabbed the children and told them to saddle up Scooteray and Scooterbee while she got Randy.  I’ll kill two birds with one stone and bike ride to the training field she thought, looking more positive.

In no time at all, and after only 2 small stacks on Scooteray and Scooterbee, Kipwil and the children arrived at the training field.  The ride was just what Kipwil, needed….the wind in her face and the laughter of the children did more to lift her spirits than anything else could.  The children were introduced to Stopclock who delighted them by tolling his bell for them.  Weekly Surprise peeped out of Kipwil’s pocket.

“ Oh, come on Surprise, I’m sorry for being grumpy.  I just have so much to do.  But I am GLAD you are here or I wouldn’t have got out of the house at all today!” Kipwil said as she gave Weekly Surprise a little squeeze.

WOOHOOO!!!!” Shouted Weekly Surprise turning Cartwheels in the air. ‘” What do you want to get started with?

“ The time trial I think, get that out of the way.” Kipwil answered.  She went over and told Stopclock through the microphone.

Take Your Mark” was Stopclock’s reply.

Kipwil took her mark at the starting line while the children started cheering like lunatics.  Kipwil couldn’t help but smile at their enthusiasm. The hooter sounded and off she went!

Kipwil ran as fast as she could, and soon her chest was getting tight and she was getting tired.  But she pushed on passing the markers as she went…500m to go, 450 m, 400 m and so on….until at last she threw herself over the finish line and turned to look at Stopclock.

“ 4 minutes and 52 seconds” said  Stopclock deeply, but Kipwil could hardly hear him over her children’s shouts and the laser light show coming from Weekly Surprise.  She beat her last time!!!  She was improving even though it didn’t feel like it, she was getting better!!!! Kipwil jumped up and punched the air before being knocked over by the children giving her hugs.

“ Hey, HEY!!!” she said laughing,” I have more tests to do yet!”

Kipwil completed her push up test on her toes, doing more and at a harder level than her original test.  Her sit against the wall was a longer time as well but then came the sit up test.  FAIL.  

“ Oh well, at least I know what I need to work on” Kipwil said, a little disappointed.

Don’t let one bad result stain your other ones” chirped Weekly Surprise, “ look at how well you have done! YOU SHOULD BE PROUD!

“ I am proud,
Weekly Surprise” said Kipwil smiling.  “ I didn’t think I’d be able to do anywhere near as good as that. I am very happy with you” here Kipwil planted a kiss on Weekly Surprise, “ with you”, planting a smacker on a surprised Stopclock  “ and YOU!” Kipwil finished with  kissing both children.

Kipwil and the children rode home together and  as soon as she got there she took up position for her measurements.  She giggled as the tape measure flitted here there and everywhere, calling out the figures, that were being inscribed on the wall beside the Communication Screen.  The final result looked like this:

Chest                     88.5       83.8 cm
Waist                     76          72.5 cm
Hips (widest)     87.5       87.5 cm
R thigh                  44.5        47 cm
L thigh                   45           47.5 cm

Kipwil sighed with happiness to see the results coming in for her hard work over the past month.  Now she had two blog challenges to catch up on and time at the gym plus her red flag obstacle course to you all about.  Stay tuned!!!!

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