Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chapter 26: Red Flags Ahead

Kipwil was walking along the path that led to the Mine of Need (chapter 23) one rainy morning.  In the corner of her eye she saw a bright Red Flag waving defiantly on top of a hill.  Curious she started walking towards it, and soon enough she could hear the sounds of a fairground.  The smell of Dagwood Dogs wafted on the air and strands of fairy floss blew here and there.  Kipwil LOVED a good Show and here was one right on her doorstep!

The colours were bright and glaring, the music was loud and blaring.  Kipwil found herself walking through pavilions of animals, crafts, farm produce and children's activities. So much to see and to do!  But, all was not fun, or free, or good for her.  She could see so many different little fairies flitting here there and everywhere.  She recognised one of them immediately....Seduction.(Chapter 19)  Seduction fluttered down to Kipwil and smiled lusciously.

"Well Hello there gorgeous.  Fancy seeing you here? Good luck finding one of your 'clean' foods here, this is MY backyard now."

Laughing nastily, Seduction and her sisters Temptation and Misrepresentation flew back to their mischief, persuading good people to go bad, just....this...once.  Kipwil shook her head and thought I will NOT give you the satisfaction!

It took some time, but Kipwil eventually found a little stall that sold cut watermelon, perfect for snacks  They also sold bottled water so Kipwil was not enticed by the sticky vibrant coloured drinks on offer.  The local Country Women's Association had good sandwiches on offer, plus a cool place to sit and eat them.  Kipwil was content. Even buying showbags for the children, with the overwhelming smell of chocolate and sugar did not sway her to indulge.  Kipwil was flexing that self discipline muscle and it felt GOOD!

At the end of the day Kipwil left the Show, leaving the jeers of Seduction behind her, and feeling good and strong.  She walked home happy and light, skipping almost and shared the day with Hubba Hubba.

" Well Babe", said Hubba Hubba,"  I've found another Red Flag over at my brother's place. He's getting married on Saturday and we're invited.  Seems that whenever this Seduction is going to try something it makes a red flag go up."

Soon enough Saturday dawned stormy in the morning.  Kipwil and Hubba Hubba and the children were staying with Hubba Hubba's parents. Kipwil could see Seduction flitting around at first but then she disappeared.I wonder where she's go to? thought Kipwil momentarily but then put her from her mind as the ceremony began.

The wedding was held alongside the river back at Nothng Ever Changes.  A beautiful venue, a smiling bride, a beaming groom (and handsome Hubba Hubba beside him), surroundeed by family and friends, Kipwil felt happy to be alive.  The reception followed soon after.  A waiter offered a small glass of champagne. Kipwil took one and held it so as to not look out of place.

" This is a celebration Kipwil.  You must have at least one drink for the happy couple" came a voice in Kipwil's ear.  Kipwil turned to see a smiling waiter, hovering with a tray of champagne glasses. True, Kipwil thought,it IS a celebration  and she smiled back at the waiter as she sipped her champagne.

The hours passed and the dinner progressed and the champagne flowed.  Kipwil danced with Hubba Hubba and the children all night, reaching for glass after glass of wine to quench her thirst, that seemed unslakeable.  Finally it was time to head back to their rooms for the night.  Kipwil felt a little heavy, and puffed, which she had not felt when she wasn't exercising before. And she was SO thirsty!

As they were leaving, a flash of movement caught Kipwil's eye. It was Seduction grinning at her.

" I knew I'd get you sooner or later" she said slyly, her face changing from fairy to the waiter's face. " And you can't have just one drink now, can you.  That's your weakness Kipwil"

Kipwil felt a ball of lead grow in the pit of her stomach.  She'd fallen into the trap and now it was up to her to get herself out of it. At the very least, thought Kipwil, I know what to watch out for now.  One glass only and if I can't trust myself, then no glasses at all!

Disheartened at her failing Kipwil sought Queen Mish's advice when she got home.

" Kipwil, don't beat yourself up about it", Queen Mish said comfortingly.  " Your will power is just like a muscle.  It needs to be worked to stay strong but if you overwork it, it will fail.  You know what to do now, so you can be aware of it in future.  Red flags are good for testing yourself out.  Do you think with a little more planning, things could have been different?"

" Maybe," said Kipwil gloomily, " I guess all there is now is to accept I did it, and to try again next time.  Thanks Queen Mish, I should go find Sergeant JFDI and start todays body pump class."

" You go girl!" Queen Mish said beaming back at her, " Don't let a hiccup slow you down.  We all have days like that, you just get up and keep going.  I am proud of you."

That brought a smile to Kipwil's face.  She waved good bye to Queen Mish as she turned the communicator off and ran off to find Sergenat JFDI.

A lesson learned through red flags!  There are more approaching, how will Kipwil plan around them?  What will happen next? Find out more in future chapters.  Happy Reading!

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