Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Kipwil woke up on Weigh In Wednesday and both Cyril De Scales and herself were pleasantly surprised to see Kipwil had lost another kilo.
“That’s six and a half kilograms you have worked away, Kipwil “ said Cyril in his faintly pompous voice. “ You should be well pleased with yourself.”

“ I am Cyril”, said Kipwil and she planted a kiss on his faintly embarrassed face.  Before he could protest about the impropriety however, there came a knock on the front door.

Kipwil hurriedly threw on her Workshop clothes and answered the door.  On the doorstep was man looking more pompous and puffed with self -importance than Cyril De Scales did, if that were possible.  He wore velvet clothes of all colours, cinched in too tightly around his waist, making him look like a beach ball tied around the middle.  You could barely see the colours for the amount of gilt and gold brocade adorning his figure.  His nose was turned up slightly as if he could smell something quite unpleasant but was too dignified to comment on it. Kipwil just knew by looking at him, that he thought in capital letters.  Before Kipwil could speak, this strange apparition inhaled.
“It Has Become Apparent That You Have Spent 6 Weeks Here In 12 WBT Land.  Today Has Been Declared A Day Of Awesomeness.  You Are To Collect Your Awesomeness In All Sizes And Meet At The City Centre Parklands To Display Them.  That Is All”  and he vanished in a puff of gold brocaded smoke.
Awesomeness ? thought Kipwil.  I guess I’ll go to the Mine of Need for that.

Kipwil first enjoyed a delicious meal from Nanny Nutrition and had her butt worked off with JFDI.  She then set off for the Mine of Need, along the river and down the hidden pathway.  Imagine her surprise when she asked for entry and was refused!!!
“You cannot mine what you already have,” the grey stone man stated in a monotone.

“ But where is it?” Kipwil asked exasperated
“ Only you will know” came the matter of fact answer, before the grey stone man settled into silence and stillness once more.
Kipwil walked slowly back along the river and sat on the bank, throwing stones and watching the ripples. Mermaid Mel popped her head up.
“Hey Kipwil, how are you? Ready for swimming lessons?” Mermaid Mel asked cheerily, swishing her tail in the water. Kipwil sighed.
” I have to find my awesomeness, big and small and present it today, but I don’t know what to look for.” Kipwil said.

“You silly” Mermaid Mel said tinkling laughter like water over pebbles.  “Why won’t you see what everyone else can?  You’ve trained yourself to be blind to anything good about yourself and only notice the bad.  Here, open your eyes wide” and with that Mermaid Mel gave a hit the water strongly with her tail, splashing Kipwil with the cool river water from head to toe.
Now whether there is something special in 12WBT river or some magic was in Mermaid Mel’s tail, but when Kipwil blinked and wiped her wet eyes, there was an extra shininess all around her.  On the ground, falling off her in slow floating circles, were petals and flowers all glowing with AWESOMENESS.  Kipwil picked one up.  It fluttered the petals over to reveal I always see the best in situations and people. Kipwil smiled and placed it in her lap.
She began catching up the flowers with the jewelled and sparkling petals, some glowing, some glistening until she had a huge bouquet of loveliness.  She found  I am a loyal friend, my children love to be with me, I will try anything once,  I am a great speller, I am a fount of trivial yet pertinent knowledge,  I have many skills which you share with others, I am persistent, I am kind hearted  and a good listener. I am creative, in music, writing, art and humour, I am great at thinking up ideas, I always try your hardest,I juggle different tasks well,I do what needs to be done. I am strong.  I am constantly improving myself, my life and the lives of my family. I have great taste in music.  I make a mean cup of tea. I am passionate and live to experience everything I can.

The last flower she picked up was the biggest.  It was the most perfumed, the centrepiece of her bouquet of Awesomeness…’s petals fluttered to reveal I give your all and never give up.  I may slow down, I may reconsider strategy, I may complain, I may fall behind or get knocked down but I will always stand up again and I never EVER give up.
Kipwil carried the bouquet to the City Centre Parklands and joined the other bouquets there.  The air was filled with different perfumes and Kipwil loved seeing all the different colours and mixes of the flowers.
We are all truly awesome, Kipwil thought and lay back on the grass, breathing in Awesomeness deeply.

Have you found any flowers of Awesomeness of your own? What new tricks will Kipwil get up to?  Find out more in the next chapter of Living Life with Kipwil.

Many thanks to Kath from Couragetostart for this blog challenge.


Karen Ignatiadis said...

Well written Kipwil and so we should all have days of awesomeness everyday!!!!

Troy Willems said...

You are full of awesomness my love and you become more and more awesome each day. Well done, I am so proud of you. :-)

Tanya Woollett said...

I am so glad that you are finally seeing what we all see every time we look at you honey. Congratulations and well done on everything you have achieved and will continue to achieve! I love you xo