Thursday, 1 September 2011

Chapter 4: Map making

The sun was sending rays of warming light onto the bed where Kipwil lay.  She thought over how close she'd been to letting herself get defeated and how with determination and courage, she won the final battle with Other Self. Stretching a long lovely soothing stretch, Kipwil rolled out of bed and immediately went into the next room to see what the next task would be.

The screen flickered awake again, with Queen Michelle sitting there waiting for her.

" Hello there Kipwil, I am so proud of you, the way you fought back yesterday shows me you have the grit and the strength to continue on." beamed Queen Michelle.

" But I nearly failed", said Kipwil a little guiltily.

" RUBBISH!", countered Queen Michelle," nearly?  Who cares about nearly? I care about what is and what is done.  And you DID IT!  Be proud of yourself and see what you did and not what you didn't do."

" But, on to today's task", Queen Michelle continued, " today you will be making a map, a detailed map with instructions...for YOUR life.  You will need to tell me what you want to gain and what you want to do while you are here in 12WBT and beyond.  I need to know what you are looking for and will achieve so we can work together in building a new healthier, fitter and achieving Kipwil.  This map is one of the most important things you will do during these tasks, so take your time.  If you want to aim for the stars, go ahead!  We will work together to see you dance among them.  The materials you need are held in the satchel behind you."

Kipwil turned to see the brown satchel leaning against the wall. Inside she could see mapping paper, and writing implements.

" But where do I start?" Kipwil asked, turning back around.  But the screen was blank.  A whisper though floated by " Start at where you want to end up and work the steps out backwards."

Kipwil picked up the satchel and stepped outside.  She was heading for the river that ran through 12WBT, a calm place with glossy green grass to lie in and enjoy the sun.  When she arrived she saw other 12WBTers running, cycling, diving and swimming and enjoying life.

" Man, this is too hard.  I'm hopeless at mapping and goals and stuff." Kipwil started to say but in the corner of her eye she saw a glimmer of a familiar menacing shadow.

" But I can do it and I'll do it right now!" She hurriedly said and the shadow disappeared.

Looking around, Kipwil saw how much fun everyone was having and got to thinking.  Then she started to draw.

She first drew an island with a treasure chest on it. The treasure is the 12 month goal, and there were three, to stay at a healthy weight, to compete in a beginners triathlon and to run the Gold Coast half marathon.  Underneath Kipwil wrote the instructions, like sparkling jewels, for how she would achieve these.

Then she drew another island with a tall palm tree in the centre.  This was where the 6 month goal would be.  These were to run 15 k in under 2 hours, reach goal weight of 50 kg and to start riding a bicycle as one of her daily workouts for the week.  The instructions and detailed plan hung like coconuts on the tree.

Next to appear on the map was a coral reef, with beautiful fish swimming in and out or alien like colourful coral.  This was the 3 month goal site. The goals here were run 10 k in under 1 hour, lose 5 kilos, and swim10 laps of the large pool.  Instructions were painted on the sides of the glorious fish, just to make it interesting.

Lastly came the one month goals.  Kipwil drew a large bird soaring into the sky, to symbolise the freedom and the excitement at starting this journey.  The goals here were lose 2 kilos, run 5 k once a week and to learn how to swim.  Instructions decorated the feathers of the bird.

When Kipwil finished the day was only half over so she rolled up her mapping equipment and went to join the others in their play along the river.  Life was good and for the first time in a long time, Kipwil was feeling good about herself and her future.  The possibilities stretched on and on like the ripples on the river, so many and so far reaching. Kipwil  paused a moment, lingering in the sun and whispered a tiny " Thankyou"  then left to take her map to Queen Michelle.

When she arrived, there was a large ornate frame against the screen. A note was attached.

"Dear Kipwil,
This frame is for your map.  Hang this above your bed where you will see it every day and keep your mapping materials nearby.  Maps change as our goals change and this will help you remember how we are going to reach the treasure at the end.
Love Queen Michelle."

Kipwil did as requested and went to sleep that night, smiling up at the plan for her future.

What next for Kipwil's tasks?  When will she embark on her map to a better self?  Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode.


neeta said...

i want to live in 12wbt land with michelle :)

Kipwil said...

There's lots of room Neeta :)