Monday, 26 September 2011

Chapter 20: Weekly Mail, a new team member and blogging challenges 2 &3

The thump and murmurs from the front door told Kipwil her next delivery of nutrition recipes and exercise plan had arrived.  The team all surrounded her as she brought the envelope into the kitchen to open.  Nanny Nutrition was at the fore, collecting and organising the fluttering recipes and inspecting each one, Sergeant JFDI stiffly saluting each day's workout and Weekly Surprise darting here and there impatiently, only to announce the surprise this time was to come up with a snack recipe and share it with other 12WBTers, keeping within the 100-150 calorie budget.

Kipwil had finished the meeting and greeting of the recipes and exercise plans, had completed her weekly surprise task and was sitting, sighing with a touch of boredom, when Hubba Hubba walked in.

" What's up babe? Thought you were going to the Workshop?" he said as he helped himself to some breakfast.

" It's school holidays and my class has been cancelled.  I've gone for a walk, I don't know, just a bit BLAH today. " Kipwil replied absently, sighing deeply again.

Sergeant JFDI, marching sternly through the room stopped when he heard Kipwil's words.

" SOLDIER, ATTNTION!  THIS REQUIRES DISCUSSION!  TO THE YARD AREA! QUICKMARCH!" he said in his best parade ground voice, quivering almost with the effort.

Kipwil hauled herself up out of the chair and slumped her way to outside, where Sergeant JFDI was waiting. To her surprise, he was sitting down and motioned for her to join him.

" So soldier, you have been for a walk so you were still motivated to exercise.  I ask you, what motivated you today?"

Kipwil thought for a moment. " I guess knowing I have 500 calories to burn each day gives me a mini goal to achieve.  And I do like exercise which surprises me.  Plus if I want this to become a habit, I'm going to have to go every day whether I want to or not aren't I, to develop that habit.  I want a stronger, healthier body but only I can do that, noone can magically make THAT happen!"  was her reply.

" What have you learned this week?" Sergeant JFDI went on in a gentler but still commanding voice.

" I don't want to say!  I'm so ashamed!" Kipwil started.  She swallowed and said in a small voice " I cheated yesterday Sergeant.  I had a beer tasting and 5 course meal.  I intended to just taste and not finish everything but once the alcohol made me a little more relaxed, all my good intentions went out the window.  And I felt so sick last night with too much food! So I guess I have learned I have a choice.  Have a drink and be especially wary since I know now that my resolve disappears or just don't drink if I am serious about maintaining this lifestyle change.  Alcohol makes me weak, mentally and physically."

"A hard lesson to learn but I am proud of you for confessing to me.  I am certain it will not happen again in the near future, you sound like you have learned a valuable lesson. It helps to have a support team, a cheer person.  Who is your cheer person Kipwil?"  Sergeant JFDI said encouragingly.

" Thats easy peasy," Kipwil said smiling," my biggest cheer person would be Hubba Hubba, closely followed by Sonny Jim and Girlygirl.  Mermaid Mel is behind me and helping me learn to swim and there are countless others here in 12WBT who help support, advise and comfort.  Hubba Hubba is behind me all the way, he has been adjusting his life so I can work out with you Sergeant, he has been making the tools available that I need and is always encouraging or praising my achievements, even when I haven't recognised them myself!"

Kipwil was starting to feel better in herself.  She had fallen into the trap of negative thinking again and Sergeant JFDI was helping her to re focus her mind on the present and the future and not the past.

" What is the one thing you think you cannot do but really want to do? " Sergeant JFDI persisted.

" One thing? Well, I want to get over my fear of water so I can swim 100 metres. If I can swim 100 metres, I'll be able to enter a triathlon but unless I can swim, I won't be able to.  I want to be confident in the water, I want to be able to swim without fear or spluttering. I want to be not so afraid in ALL areas of my life I guess."  Kipwil replied after a thoughtful pause.  " These questions are hard Sergeant, but I know what I have to do now."

"Hard?  This will be hard Kipwil.....I want you to go and bring me a photo of yourself.  The photo that you saw and thought, my life can be better than this.  I can be better than this. " Sergeant JFDI ordered.

Kipwil stared at him.  "Really?"

" Now" the sergeant growled.

Kipwil went inside and sorted through her photos.  She found the one she had taken while on cruise, the one where she looked pregnant enough to be asked when she was expecting.  She shivered a little remembering the embarrassment of that moment, then returned to Sergeant JFDI with the photo.

" Sergeant, I want to be different.  I want to be healthy, fit and strong.  I don't want to grow old feeling tired all the time, puffed, not able to keep up with the kids.  I don't want to miss out on ANYTHING my life has to offer but if I continued the way I was, I would miss out on the best I could be.  I only live once, I have only one life, and I've wasted enough of it."  Kipwil said quietly. " Seeing this picture is seeing someone who was waiting for someone to do it for her, someone to make it all better, someone who was too scared to look after herself.  I don't want to be that person any more and I will work hard until I get there."

" Good!  Now how do you feel?" Sergeant JFDI said with conviction.

"I CAN DO IT!  Thanks Sergeant, I was getting myself down but I feel much better."

" Glad to hear it babe!" said Hubba Hubba, " I have someone I'd like you to meet."

Behind Hubba Hubba was a beautiful blue bicycle shyly rolling to a stop in front of Kipwil.

" Hi, My name is Randy, short for Random.  Sonny Jim named me.  Hubba Hubba thought I'd be able to help you out." he said a little squeakily.

" Hubba Hubba!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!" Kipwil flung her arms around him squeezing tightly and planting a huge smacker on his cheek.

" My pleasure babe, I thought if you had another option, it might help keep you interested and something different is always fun" Hubba Hubba said choking slightly but laughing.

" Come on Randy, Let's RIDE!" Kipwil called out and with Sergeant JFDI following closely Kipwil and Randy took off as smooth as butter and as fast as the wind.

A new team member in Randy!  What paths will Kipwil find with him?  Will her motivation stay intact?  We'll find out more in future chapters. Until next time!

Thanks to makingmyselfepic for the week 2 and 3 blog challenges.

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