Sunday, 25 September 2011

Chapter 19: Seduction

Kipwil had been a busy girl between work, the Workshop, family and social life.  She was finding some great opportunities for unexpected exercise: the Kinder excursion included a bushwalk and a bit of weight training carrying a child with scraped knee off the rocks, waiting for her children Sonny Jim and Girly girl to finish cricket and hockey training meant Kipwil could use that time to walk or run around the ovals, or find a bench and do step ups and tricep dips.  Walking everywhere meant Kipwil could keep social engagements and her trick of asking for a vodka, lime and soda but hold the vodka meant her liver was much healthier and no one was any wiser.  Kipwil could find an opportunity to improve her health everywhere and took advantage of as many opportunities as possible.

On this day, Kipwil was restocking the pantry with Nanny Nutrition at the markets.  She loved shopping with Nanny, checking for goblins and listening to Nannys constant fussing over ingredients and the shopping list.  Shopping was a pleasure that Kipwil lingered over, and she still loved seeing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in her trolley, compared to a trolley full of cans and boxes full of goblins screaming how good they thought they were..... " NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS" yelled a goblin sporting a preservative hat. "LOW FAT" shouted another, dripping sugar out of every pore.  

But on this particular day, Kipwil was standing alone waiting to be served.  Nanny Nutrition had gone to chase a wayward shopping list who had disappeared somewhere in the cereal aisle.  Kipwil waited patiently, thinking what meals she could cook with the glorious food in her trolley when she heard a voice.  This was not just any voice but a voice made of golden syrup, of dripping molten chocolate, of toasted marshmallows oozing over chocolate chip biscuits.

" Hellllo beautiful.  what a GORGEOUS job you have been doing.  You deserve a reward and I am just the person to give it to you."  the voice purred deliciously.

Kipwil looked around and saw a slim fairy slowly fluttering to her left.  She was beautiful.  Long dark hair gnetly flowed around her head, her eyes were a deep blue, like the blue of the oceans, her white skin glowed softly like starlight.  She wore a shimmering dress that clung to her, made of the iridescence of butterfly wings.

" Who are you?" Kipwil asked, entranced.

" Names are never that important.  Why don't you take one of these?  You've earned it, look at you, so strong and beautiful." the fairy said, holding out a flower made entirely of rich, smooth chocolate.  The scent washed over Kipwil and she inhaled deeply.

" It's been sooooo long" the honeyed voice continued, " go on, just this one, noone would know.  You've been such a goooood girl."

Kipwil closed her eyes.  The scent of the chocolate had filled her head and she could almost feel how good that chocolate would feel and taste in her mouth.

" No. No thank you" Kipwil said finally, a little shakily.

" Oh, go on." persuaded the fairy fluttering closer, offering the chocolate flower up to Kipwil's lips." Just...... one....... taste......"

Kipwil closed her eyes again and turned her back.  Her voice was very small when she finally said " No thank you."

The fairy was fluttering gently around to face Kipwil again when Nanny Nutrition suddenly burst on to the scene in a flurry of shouts, flapping skirts and flying pieces of untoasted muesli.

" OOOOO! Get out of it you!  We don't want the likes of you around here!  Scat!  Get out!" Nanny scolded, slapping at the beautiful fairy.  The fairy hissed at her and flew just out of reach.  Nanny hurried Kipwil through the check out, casting dark looks at the scowling fairy and only when they were some distance away did Nanny and Kipwil stop.

" Nanny!  Who was that!" Kipwil exclaimed still wondering what was going on.

" Oh love, she's a nasty piece of work.  And now she's found you, she'll be back, you can count on it.  I'm proud of you though for saying no to her, what was she trying to give you? " Nanny replied, patting Kipwil on the hand.

"She was offering a chocolate flower.  Nanny I'm sorry, but I wanted it so much. I could almost taste it and I did nearly take it.  If you hadn't come along..."

" But you still said no, pet.  That piece of baggage is called Seduction.  She'll be around again, and she wants you to fall into her web.  She's not a real fairy, oh no, but a shape shifter. Her true form is a spider, disgusting to look at, all bloated, hairy, all claws and teeth.  She lives with the goblins and lives off 12WBTers motivation and will of others.  If you had taken that flower from her, she'd have had you, you mark my words!  It'd be one now, two tomorrow and soon, excuses not to exercise and to go back to goblin riddled food.  She takes away your will to live in 12WBT and you'd leave us.  And I don't want you to go!" Nanny finished, starting to sob messily into a handkerchief.

Now it was Kipwil's turn to comfort Nanny. " Nanny, thank you.  Now I know, I will be on the lookout for her.  You saved me.  I will be more careful in future, I don't want to leave her or leave you or Sergeant JFDI or Weekly Surprise."

Kipwil was deep in thought the rest of the trip home.  She was starting to realise she needed to be strong not just physically, but mentally.  She needed the strength of mind to fight off Other Self and now Seduction.  When she got home, she told Hubba Hubba and the children about what happened at the market.

" I'm glad Nanny Nutrition was there" Hubba Hubba said when she finished. " You've come too far to fall down now.  Remember that.  I can see the change in you, even if you can't and I will be here still supporting you.  We all will be."

" Kipwil hugged her family hard.

" I'm lucky to have all of you.  So many people don't have this kind of support.  I can't thank you guys enough."

" Yes you can " said Sonny Jim.  " Come and kick the footy with me"

 Kipwil laughed.  " Alright, let's go!" she said, " But you have to teach me!"

Another trap to watch for in 12WBT!  What other dangers lurk for Kipwil?  Will she ever find out who the Catchya gnomes are?  Look for the answers in upcoming chapters!.

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