Monday, 19 September 2011

Chapter 17: Week 2 delivery or Old habits die hard

A murmuring on the doormat woke Kipwil gently fromm the most delicious dream she was having, she was swimming in a pool of chocolate, diving for Maltesers and standing under a waterfall of M and M's.  It was raining pina coladas and Kipwil caught a glass in each hand and was just about to sip when....


Kipwil sighed as she tried to grasp onto the fragments of dream and go  back to sleep but the constant sound kept her eyes open.  Hubba Hubba didn't appear to have any trouble sleeping through it though!

She walked out to the door to see Nanny Nutrition, Sergeant JFDI and Weekly Surprise standing over the golden envelope.  Nanny was wringing her hands and patting the golden envelope in turns, Sergeant JFDI so stiffly at attention every atom was quivering with the effort and Weekly Surprise was was clapping hands and jumping up and down in anticipation.

" Morning team," yawned Kipwil," What's this?"

"Oh dear," said Nanny Nutition, " I do think it is the next week's recipes, fitness plan and surprise."  She paused while Weekly Surprise let out a little squeal. " I think you'd better open it quickly dear."

Kipwil bent down and picked up the wriggling envelope and shuffled into the kitchen, followed by Nanny Nutrition, Sergeant JFDI and Weekly Surprise.  She sat down at the table and carefully began to slit open the envelope.

Out tumbled a jumble of recipes, all falling over themselves and blinking in the sudden light.  Nanny Nutrition bustled over.

" Right then, right then, line up please, and let me look at you. Hmm....yes, yes, you all look in order, lunches you look particularly attractive this week, well done!  Now off we go, follow me and I'll pop you where you will be staying." ordered Nanny Nutrition, leading the recipes into their folders. " Kipwil dear, I'll be right back with todays breakfast, just as soon as I get this lot in order."

" No worries," smiled Kipwil.  Nanny Nutrition always made her want to do something COMPLETELY naughty but Kipwil just couldn't do it to her.

Returning to the envelope, she pulled out a printed note addressed to Sergeant JFDI.  He saluted and took the note, which read



"YES SIR!" was Sergeant JFDI's response. " Kipwil, I will see you at Body Pump in the Workshop. Bring your best game."

" Yes sir," said Kipwil in return, ripping off a salute that would make a general cry.

" OOOO me me me me meeeeeeeee!"  came an electrified voice, leaping about beside Kipwil's ear.

Kipwil jumped startled as Weekly Surprise dove into the envelope and burst out in a shower of rainbow light, glitter flying everywhere and a brass band playing in the background.

" OOOO it's EXCITING!!!!!!" Weekly Surprise exclaimed, " It's a NUTRITION TEST!!!"

A test?  How is that exciting? Kipwil thought.

" You can win a prize!!! And for every one you get wrong, you have to do 10 pushups.  But you'll get them all right won't you!" sang Weekly Surprise

" Well, let's get to it, and do it now!" Kipwil said readily.

Weekly Surprise asked Kipwil several questions on calorie intake and nutrition.  Each one Kipwil answered correctly and was rewarded with seeing Weekly Surprise turn cartwheels around the room, shooting out stars as she went.  Kipwil answered the final question........and was INCORRECT!!!

"oh no!" said Weekly Surprise, " Now it's PUSH UP TIME!"

Groaning,  Kipwil got down and did her 10 pushup punishment, while Weekly Surprise counted down and unsurprisingly launched a massive celebration at the end.

" Thanks Weekly Surprise", said Kipwil as she got back up. " I think I'll find Nanny Nutrition for some breakfast now"

" COOL!  I'll see you later then" squealed Weekly Surprise and fluttered messily into her envelope, trailing streamers from her hair.

Hubba Hubba came into the kitchen and seeing the trails of glitter and stars put two and two together and came up trumps.

" Got your new plans then?" he said wryly.

" Yup, and you are just in time for breakfast.  I'll go get the children and we'll eat together." smiled Kipwil and began her new week.

What does this week hold in store for Kipwil?  Wait and see!

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