Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Chapter 21: Picture of Health

It was weigh in day.  Kipwil  went through the pleasantries with Cyril De Scales and found she’d   lost 400 gms, even with her 2 slip ups through the week.  She was now only  1 kilo off her goal weight and 3 kilos off the weight she was when she met her Hubba Hubba.
It was a beautiful day outside so Kipwil was contemplating whether she should go to the Workshop or do a workout in the glorious sun instead when she heard a noise coming from the viewing room. She investigated and found there on the screen was Queen Mish, clearing her throat.
“ Kipwil! Long time no see!  How’s it all going?!” Queen Mish  said, her enthusiasm  glowing brighter than the rainbow pulsing light of the screen.
“ Great!  I’m feeling strong, I’m doing heaps of different exercise, I still can’t do a situp but practise will make perfect!  Hubba Hubba has brought a new team member in, Randy.”
“ I’ve met Randy, and I know you two will be carving up the countryside in no time! “ Queen Mish laughed. “ I’ve come to ask you to do something for me today though Kipwil.  I need a picture from you…..NO not the picture Sergeant JFDI asked for!” Queen Mish laughed, seeing Kipwil’s face of reluctance, “ no, this will be a picture you paint or draw yourself.  It will be YOUR picture of health.  The tools you need will be at the river bank, ok?”

Ok said Kipwil, smiling back at Queen Mish.  This will take some thought she said to herself, as she got ready to go down to the river bank.

When she got there, she found an artist easel set up overlooking the river, with paints and brushes of all kinds, pencils, charcoal and pens all laid out.  Everything she could possibly want was there.  Kipwil sat down and looked at the blank canvas and thought  Health, picture of health.
And she picked up a pen to begin.
After a few hours, Kipwil’s picture was complete.  She carried at back to the viewing room to show Queen Mish, who appeared as soon as Kipwil pressed the communication button.

“ Queen Mish, I’ve made my picture of health.” Kipwil held up the canvas.

“ Kipwil, I love it.  Tell me about what it signifies to you.” Queen Mish asked, her eyes taking in every aspect of the painting.
“ The sun is rising high because to me getting healthy is the start of a new life.  I have climbed a mountain because to me health is a series of challenges that must be overcome, personal challenges and other challenges.  Climbing the mountain takes strength and determination and me changing my health is requiring that in bucket loads!  But see?  I’ve made it to the top….I like to think the mountain is called Mount Motivation.
In the foreground, you can see people riding bikes, swimming in the river here, playing ball, whatever they are doing they are having FUN!  And that was the secret I discovered to getting healthy and changing my lifestyle.  It will be hard work some days, and it will be difficult to meet the challenges but if you also have FUN doing it, it becomes easier and easier.  Like swimming, I am learning to swim with a friend and while it is hard, it’s fun too because we have good laugh.  Bike riding with my kids is fun too.  Going on a bushwalk is fun because I spend time with Hubba Hubba and the kids and get a workout at the same time.  And if it IS hard, or I feel hungry or sorry for myself, I need only remember that it is just a momentary thing, to remember the fun I had doing it yesterday or last week….or tomorrow! 
“ Ultimately, ” Kipwil went on, “ I want to LIVE life, not just watch it.  I want to be able to do whatever this life has in store for me, see new places, do new things….but unless I am healthy both physically and mentally, I will only ever be an observer, wishing ‘what if.’

“ Thank you Kipwil” Queen Mish said. “ Now this picture will go into a gallery with other 12WBT artworks on the same theme.  If you’d like to see them, here is the address of the gallery.

And with that Queen Mish blew Kipwil a kiss and a wave and the screen went blank.
Another loss and so close to goal!  Will Kipwil ever be able to do a sit up?  Find out what happens next!

Many thanks to Kath from Couragetostart for this blog challenge, Picture of Health

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