Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chapter 18: A surprise and a weigh in.

Kipwil had been enjoying her week so far.  She had walked with friends, chatting so much she wouldn't be surprised if the talking worked off more calories than the walking!  She'd done her Body pump class and her gym circuit, she'd even had her swimming lesson with Mermaid Mel.  Nanny Nutrition was delivering up the most delicious meals and Kipwil was looking forward to breakfast on Wednesday....a delicious berry smoothie that was thicker than a thickshake and so flavoursome!

But, as the way things go, before the nice comes the work.  And Wednesday also happened to be weigh in day.  Kipwil was not expecting to have lost a lot of weight, being so close to goal weight, so it was with an air of resignation she approached Cyril De Scales, who was admiring his physique in the bathroom mirror.

" Morning Cyril", Kipwil said yawning.

" Good Morning Kipwil!", announced Cyril De Scales cheerily," and what a beautiful day for a weighing it is!  Now you know the drill, I'll close my eyes and remember, please PLEASE do NOT stamp on me, there is never any call for stamping.  Most unbecoming to you and most uncomfortable for me!"

Cyril took up position on the floor and squeezed his eyes shut in a very gentlemanly way.  Kipwil carefully tiptoed onto the scales and gently lowered herself, closing her own eyes as she did.  What if I've gained?  What if I've put it all back on?  I hadn't eaten much off the plan except for Sunday night at the Italian restaurant......what if....?

Kipwils thoughts were interrupted by  Cyril clearing his throat.

" Ahem, ahem," he began, clearing his throat, " Kipwil you have lost precisely 1 kilogram since your last weigh in. Congratulations."

Kipwil hurriedly hopped off Cyril and was pleasantly surprised. Another kilo!  A whole kilo!  The hard work IS paying off then. And to think, said Kipwil to herself, I'm still in the learning about it part, wait until it's a habit!

Kipwil skipped out to Hubba Hubba and told him the good news.  Together they went to see the stats board in the viewing room.  But when they arrived, there was another surprise waiting!

A message appeared on the communication screen for Kipwil and Queen Mish.


" What's this?!" said Hubba Hubba reading the message.

" I don't know, I saw some gnomes taking pictures while I did that run with the Hill of Heroics.  Maybe this is them.' Kipwil answered.  "Let's wait and see."

They were soon rewarded with a photo of Kipwil running her heart out.

"Looking good babe!" said Hubba Hubba laughing.  The next picture came up.

" That's me on the Hill of Heroics near the top!  Pity you can't actually see the slope much." Kipwil exclaimed.

The screen went on and on, showing 9 pictures in all.  As each picture was shown, it folded itself up neatly and deposited itself in an album that appeared on the screen.  The album was labelled " Kipwil's Fun Runs".  A message flashed on the screen when the pictures were finished.

"This album is your to peruse at your pleasure. Many thanks and we will see you next race.  -  the Catchya Gnomes"

"That's a bit of a bonus! Although I'll have to ask what a catchya gnome is" said Kipwil to Hubba Hubba.

" I'll say, " said Hubba Hubba, " now lets get some breakfast"

So what do you think of Kipwil's pictures?  What other surprises are in store?  Something is ALWAYS happening on Living Life with Kipwil.

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