Sunday, 11 September 2011

Chapter 11: Meeting the Team

Kipwil spent the next few days visiting favourite places in 12WBT.  She loved the forest track to run along, hearing the river gurgle alongside her, seeing the birds beginning to make their nests and to feel the cool shade of the trees and the warm rays of sun alternatively.  It was the perfect place to go and escape from the stress of work and everyday life.  Time had little meaning when Kipwil ran, it slowed like syrup around her and nothing seemed to matter.

Kipwil found work in a kindergarten at 12WBT, she loved the children's view of life and there was always something to laugh at.  Kipwil loved to laugh and could see funny in almost anything.

One day a golden letter arrived on Kipwil's doorstep, a fat little bundle, just begging to be opened.  Inside, were little murmers and mutters chattering away.  Kipwil took the letter inside to her family and together they opened it carefully.

The first thing to fly out was a bustling piece of paper, with a voice not unlike an efficient, take-no-nonsense nanny, full of concern and care but strict.

" Good Morning Kipwil, I am your Nutrition Plan and shopping list.   You can call me Nanny Nutrition. There'll be no goblins on MY watch! As you see you will eat 3 meals a day plus snacks and I do hope you enjoy the dessert menu. Now I shall just file myself away over here in the kitchen so you can refer to me often.  Recipes!!!!! Front and centre please!"

More rustling and giggling childlike voices accompanied a flurry of papers all whirling around and dancing and certainly NOT keeping in an orderly fashion.
" Right, right," began Nanny Nutrition, " I want breakfasts over here, Dinners on the left. Now Tuesday lunch, where are YOU supposed to be!  Right then, go and hop to it quicksticks. Are we all together now?  Everyone got their partners?  Oh Friday, do STOP pushing Thursday, she cannot move until everyone else does.  Right, into the folder please, quietly and sit with your hands in your lap."

Kipwil watched in amazement as all the pieces of paper fluttered themselves into groups of days, all holding hands , trouping into the ringbinder that was on the counter.  When the last one filed itself away neatly, Nanny Nutrition turned to Kipwil.

" I do apologise for their behaviour, they are just so very excited to have a new kitchen to play in.  Now, I expect you will want to shop shortly, just let me know what day you will go and I will accompany you.  I'm VERY strict on goblins and can spot one a mile away."

And with that, Nanny Nutrition filed herself at the front of the ringbinder.

Kipwil turned to Hubba Hubba and the children, her eyes huge and full of laughter.  She opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by more rustling from the envelope. A sound like marching could be heard, getting louder by the second.

Kipwil jumped as a bugle sounded beside her ear.  A large piece of paper, puffing out his chest, if paper could have a chest, and stood officially at attention beside her head.

" Sergeant JFDI, at your service!" barked the paper.  " Here is your exercise plan for week 1.  Atteeeen HUP!"

Out of the envelope came marching exercise plans in a single file.  They circled the room once and then fell into 3 groups, neatly, silently and without fuss.

"I have been informed you will be doing a mixture of gym classes, weights and outdoor training!  Before you are the 3 sets of exercise plans for each of those areas.  You will be required to use one of these plans to burn off 500 calories each day and 1000 calories on Saturday. 6 days a week, rain hail or shine. NO EXCUSES! ", yelled Sergeant JFDI in his best parade ground voice.  " I will accompnay you on each of your sessions to ensure you complete the task at hand.  We will be great friends!"  And with that he fluttered stiffly down to the 3 groups.

" Okaaay," said Hubba Hubba, taken aback.

" Hmm friends?" said Kipwil giggling, " I'm not so sure just yet"

There was one more piece of paper sitting inside the envelope, trying to hide in the corner.

" Hello?" said Kipwil peering in, " I think it's your turn."

"SURPRISE!!!!", The piece of paper came streaking out of the envelope, accompanied with streamers and confetti and whistles.  " I'm your WEEKLY SURPRISE!"

" COOL!" shrieked Kipwil happily watching the crazy flight pattern of this new piece of paper.

" And your FIRST weekly surpise is....  a FITNESS TEST! "

" What?" said Kipwil a little less enthusiastically.

" We need to sort you into your group for exercise, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.  So you need to do the following: a 1 k time trial run, pushups for 1 minute, situp levels, a flexibility test and a wall sit test. If you have all the results inscribed on the chart in the viewing room, you might win a prize! This will be your first duty."  said the Weekly Surprise cheerily before folding herself up and popping herself back into the golden envelope.

" Ok, well THAT was an experience!" said Hubba Hubba, " shall we do your fitness test?"

What happens during the fitness test for Kipwil?  Now she has met her new team, how will they all get along?  Find out in future episodes of Living Life with Kipwil.

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Brilliant Kip! Keep 'em coming.

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