Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chapter 13: The Interview (or Blogging Challenge no1.)

Kipwil was doing tricep dips one morning,  using the coffee table, when the phone rang.

" Hi, it's Katharine Jones here from the 12WBT newspaper, CourageToStart,  am I speaking with Kipwil?" the voice on the other end asked politely.

" Why, yes, yes this is Kipwil, what can I do for you?" was Kipwil's reply.

" I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may, for our newspaper.  Do you have a few minutes to spare?" continued Katharine.

' Of course!" Kipwil said, thinking her triceps were thanking her for this. " Fire away!"

" Ok, great!  The first question is: Describe yourself in 25 words or less."

Hmmm Kipwil thought a minute.  " I would say I'm happy, a bit off kilter in a good way, loving, very social, hard working, a quilter, gardener, kindergarten worker,  musician,  reader, LOVES LIFE!"

" Fantastic, thanks " said Katharine, " now, what brings you to 12WBT?  Are you a first timer or a veteran?"

' Well, I'm a first timer.  I know I've been lacking in self discipline in my nutritition and exercise but didn't do anything about it when I lived in Nothing Ever Changes.  It all seemed too hard and I was afraid of doing something new, things were so comfortable there. But I found some other people who had been here and they were totally different in a GOOD way and I thought, well, nothing ventured nothing gained. I want to be healthy and fit and enjoy living the life I have instead of just waiting for it to pass, sitting on the couch watching tele. "

"Uh huh, Uh huh, third question, why do you blog?"

' Well I've never blogged before and I thought why not?  My story is just as important to me as anyone elses, whether I just read it or others do.  It gives me a chance to reflect on what I am doing and learning and making sure I stay on the straight and narrow!  But in a fun way.  I love to have fun and I love fairytales.  This will be my fairytale ending to the old me and the beginning of the new me."

Katharine agreed.  " I'm a blogger too" she said. " now next question, who is your biggest inspiration in life?'

' Well, " Kipwil stalled for time while she thought, " I have 3 but for similar reasons.  One is Hubba Hubba my husband.  He is a positive, loving person who exercises and lost a lot of weight a few years ago.  He has the self discipline of the family.  Then comes my grandmother, Maxi.  She could do ANYTHING!  She was learning new things to do right up until she died and wouldn't let anyone tell her she couldn't do something. Last is Michelle Bridges.  I've seen her as inspiration for a long time, she works hard and offers no excuses.  She's not superhuman and feels like just blobbing some days too but she still gets in and does what she has to do and stays happy and positive and supportive of everyone around her at the same time."

" What things bring you the most joy?"

" It's silly things really....I love just sitting near a river, with the birds singing, a picnic beside me and just to sit in the shade and just be.  Or be snuggled up in front of a fire while the wind and rain blow, cuddling my children or Hubba Hubba.  Those are the times I feel perfectly and completely happy."

" What do you think will be your greatest challenge this round?', came the reply.

' Hmmm, good question.  I think making myself go exercise and stick to the nutrtition after the first couple of weeks will be hard.  But the hardest challenge of all , is not having my wine of a night time or a few drinks on the weekend.  It's so much a part of just relaxing after work that I'll have to break the habit and find something else!" was Kipwil answer.

" What are you most excited about in 12WBT?" was the next question.

" The whole thing is exciting!  This is a program with heaps of support and for me, the thought of challenging myself in this environment is exciting.  I have goals!  I have a plan!  And most exciting of all, I am learning to swim as part of this whole thing.  Facing my fear of the water and just DOING IT! THAT is exciting!"

" I can hear it in your voice!" smiled Katharine over the phone," Now what scares the pants off you about 12WBT?"

" Easy one to answer," said Kipwil a little more seriously," but harder to face.  I am so afraid I'll fail. That I won't reach my goals or that I'll slip up and go back to the way things were and this will all have been for nothing.  That fear of failure is not just for 12WBT but afterwards too.  Could I continue on my own? Or will I end up hating myself for not achieving and maintaining my goals? "

" Ok, just two more questions," said Katharine briskly," in 10 words, how do yo feel about exercise?"

' Hate going to do it but love it once I'm there", Kipwil answered promptly.  And that's half the reason I end up not going in the past she thought to herself.

"And finally Kipwil, finish this sentence: On the last day of 12WBT I am going to be feeling......"

' I will be feeling strong.  I will be feeling successful.  And I will be feeling trepidation that I am on my own now."

" Thanks Kipwil, that about wraps it up", Katharine said, " Thanks for your time and I wish you every success."

" No, thank YOU Katharine, " Kipwil replied," and I look forward to the next blogging challenge!"

Any more surprises for Kipwil?  What other challenges will pop up their heads?  Find out more in future episodes of Living Life with Kipwil!


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