Monday, 5 September 2011

Chapter 9: Plan, plan, plan

Kipwil, Hubba Hubba and the children spent the next few days experimenting in the kitchen....porridge with mixed berries and yogurt or egg white omelettes with herbs and spices for breakfast, salads and wraps galore for lunches and stirfries and steamed chicken and vegetables all came alive with the different flavours of the vegetables and spices used.  Tummies felt full all day long, tastebuds were happy and they enjoyed themselves immensely playing outdoors, going for walks and runs and visiting The Workshop now and then.  Everyone felt strong, happy and positive.

Then came one morning when Kipwil got up out of bed, she noticed an enormous calendar on the wall opposite her bed.  I wonder what that is there for? thought Kipwil as she padded out to the screening room to say Good morning to Queen Mish.

Queen Mish appeared as soon as Kipwil had pressed the button.
" Morning Kipwil!  Did you see the present I left for you?" Queen Mish cheerily greeted Kipwil.

" I did!  What is it for?  I can see it is a calendar but the pages are all blank.", Kipwil replied

" This is the second last task, Kipwil.", Queen Mish explained." Our most successful citizens are ORGANISED citizens.  In the envelope behind you, you will find a list of class times The Workshop offers.  This is your task.  Go through your calendar and mark down every time there is a birthday, or other celebration or function that may disrupt your new routine.  This is so you can see them coming up and work around it."

" Ok", said Kipwil readily, " Put down birthdays and other stuff. I can do that."

" Great! Now for the harder need to use the timetable and plan out 6 workouts each week, that will help your body change in a balanced way.  You'll need 2 toning sesssions, 3 fitness sessions and one stretching and light toning session.  Got it?"

" Yep, got it!"

" Then next to get put in is shopping day!  This is where you stock up on goblin free ingredients for your meals. And last but most DEFINITELY not least, you need to plan some milestone activities at the 4th week, the 8th week and the 12th and final week. Mark it all down on your calendar and I'll see you tomorrow!"

Hmmmm, I can plan alright because I'm pretty organised now but what can my milestones be? thought Kipwil as she picked up the envelope and went back into the living area to retrieve the calendar.

For the next two hours, Kipwil sat and planned.  She chose classes, marked in her hours of other commitments and all the functions and other celebrations.  In the end her calendar ended up looking like this:
MONDAY: 8.45 am Walk with friends, 10.30am Body pump class, 8 pm yoga
TUESDAY:  8 pmWorkshop circuit.
WEDNESDAY: 12pm Swimming lesson then 5 K run, 8pm yoga
THURSDAY: 9.15 fatburner circuit 7.55 Zumba
FRIDAY: 7.30 Zumba toning
SATURDAY : 9 am Body attack and Body pump class.

Fortunately the way the classes were Kipwil could adjust and change to mornings or evenings if she needed. She included some extra classes for unforeseen events that meant she couldn't make an earlier class and added some others in because she loved it so much. Kipwil even outlined contingency plans for when she was away on holidays or unable to go to a class because she wanted to watch her terrific children play hockey and cricket.

But now came time to plan her milestones.  Kipwil had been thinking long and hard and decided they needed to signify something to her personally.  So for the 4 week milestone, she opted to walk the 1000 steps at Mt Dandenong.  The steps signified to Kipwil the thousand steps she will have taken to get her life in a better, more exciting place, rather than still stuck in Nothing Ever Changes.

For the 8 week milestone, Kipwil chose an 11 km walk at the Grampians, walking the Grand Canyon and Pinnacle track.  This was a test of her endurance and an opportunity to allow the bush to soothe her mind, fears and worries.

For the last milestone, Kipwil decided to team up with several other 12WBTers and run a funrun.  This not only coincided with one of her goals on her map (so she was feeling very pleased with herself.) but signified the team effort everyone was making.

Kipwil sighed contentedly when she saw the next three months mapped out in front of her.  As she hung the calendar on the wall, the marked out times became blazing beacons of colour, colouring the room with a rainbow of light.  Kipwil smiled widely as she felt the light all around her.  The blazing light gradually faded and left on the calendar, on each planned activity, was a rainbow. I love rainbows! They always make me feel hopeful thought Kipwil.

I know a whisper floated past Kipwil's ear, you have done a great job planning.  So now you just have to stick to it!  Your contingency plans are sound and everything is clear to read.  I'll see you in the morning with the most challenging task yet.  Pass this, and you have successfully met all the tasks required.

Kipwil was a bit apprehensive at the words 'most challenging' but knew whatever it was, she could do it.

" BRING IT ON!!!!!!!" She shouted to the world outside and was rewarded with fading laughter in the wind.

What is the final task for our girl?  Why is it the most challenging?  Will Kipwil go through with it?  Find out next time  in Living Life with Kipwil.


Ronnie said...

I love your milestones! They sound perfect.

Kipwil said...

Thanks Ronnie! I'll let you know how they go ;)