Saturday, 3 September 2011

Chapter 6: A little surprise.

Kipwil spent the next few days trying out her new gear and getting to know people in The Workshop.  She tried Yoga successfully (apart from falling into the wall once) and loved it. She shook her bootie with a passion in Zumba, amazingly even Zumba'ed with weights AND didn't knock herself out!

It's easy if you can remember you left from right, giggled Kipwil to herself as once again she bumped into the dancer beside her.

Kipwil also invited her family, her husband Hubba Hubba, and children to come and stay with her.  She wanted to share what she was learning and Hubba Hubba really encouraged Kipwil to go out and get moving.  He went along to the Workshop with her and mastered the tricky Crow pose in yoga in record time.  He even danced Zumba once but being the only male in the room, he figured he really was just too sober to continue with classes.

Life was good, and active.  There was good food to eat and the rare times Kipwil felt she couldn't continue without a hearty supply of Maltesers and Clinkers, Hubba Hubba would remind her of what she was trying to achieve.

It's like having my own little cheer squad and workout buddies, Kipwil thought on one of their many walks along the river.  She loved seeing the children race ahead on scooters, or see her son run ahead and drop and do 10 pushups while they caught up...just because he could. I will do that one day soon and shock them all! planned Kipwil inwardly.

Then came the morning Kipwil approached the viewing room and pressed the button, a little guiltily.  She'd been having so much fun experimenting and sharing, she'd forgotten she still had tasks to do.  Queen Michelle flashed on in an instant.

" Kipwil!! How are you!!  I see you have some visitors, they are MORE than welcome.  The more the merrier!" Queen Michelle began.  " And who is Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome?"

" This is Hubba Hubba," Kipwil laughed back. " He's here to support me and keep me company in the Workshop"

" Fantastic!", beamed Queen Michelle, " We all need someone to support us keep us accountable.  this brings me to your next task Kipwil.  Are you ready for it? Are you a woman of your word?"

" YES!", Kipwil shouted enthusiastically, " I can do ANYTHING!"

" Great!" said Queen Michelle, a glint in her eye." Because your next task is to make me a promise.  You need to tell me what your commitment to yourself, to your family, to others and to me is.  And then you will broadcast this commitment on our networks 12WBT Forum and Facebook.  Say it LOUD and say it PROUD!  And I will be waiting to hear it."

" Ok", said Kipwil a little less enthusiastically.  Inside she was feeling a bit nervous.  Up until now her goal map seemed more like a wishlist, a hidden thing that if she failed, noone need ever know.  Kipwil had a horrifying fear of failure, which prevented her starting things and learning new things.

Kipwil turned to Hubba Hubba, who was dressed and ready for their run.

" Are you ready? Let's go," said Hubba Hubba.

Kipwil didn't feel like running, she just felt like hiding.  She was wondering how she could change her goalmap to make it easier so she wouldn't have a chance at failing.  She even went to try and prise the frame open to make a few changes but it was stuck fast. What am i going to do?  i'm such a fool, i should've realised this was coming up."

Kipwil ran outside after Hubba Hubba, her mind so preoccupied, she didn't notice the shadow behind her growing more solid.

Has the Other self returned with a vengeance?  Will Kipwil realise in time, or will Hubba Hubba come to the rescue?  See more in the next chapter, Power of Words.

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