Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chapter 14: The First Week Result.

The family had all been ordered to be quiet so Kipwil could see Queen Mish's address to her people.  She sat before the viewing screen right on time and the screen flickered into life.

"HELLO EVERYBODY!!  Welcome to our very first live feed, or as I like to call it, my Family Meeting!" Queen Mish exploded beaming and looking healthy and happier than ever.

Over the course of the next 40 minutes, Queen Mish answered questions from her subjects and reminded (sternly and repeatedly!) her subjects to complete all their tasks, and not just the ones that were easy. 

"I cannot express how important those tasks are to do.  They are your key! Your key to successful living with me here in 12WBT.  The tasks you think are hard are addressing an area you need to sort GET TO IT!"

Kipwil sat and nodded. Man, some WERE really hard, I'm glad I persisted though because I can recognise so many more excuses and solutions that I put on myself now.

" And finally gang, don't forget to weigh in tomorrow!!!!"  finished Queen Michelle with her billion kilowatt smile again and the screen went blank.

'Well I learned a lot tonight, mostly that I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed!"  said Kipwil to Hubba Hubba later, as they were getting ready for bed. " But I'll just keep on plodding on, weigh in tomorrow, I wonder if I've lost any this week?"

The next day dawned in the usual way, sun, birds, Nanny Nutrition bossing away to the breakfast recipes in the kitchen and Sergeant JFDI checking the calendar to make sure he was booked in with Kipwil for later than day, before stomping off into the background with military precision.  Kipwil swung her legs out of bed and started for the kitchen when Nanny Nutrition's voice called out to her.

" Kipwil dear, today is weigh in day, have you done your scales yet?"

' Nope, on my way now, thanks Nanny," Kipwil replied " What's for breakfast today?"

" OOO you'll like this one, dear, (sit down you naughty Wednesday breakfast.... no I'm speaking.... I'll deal with Thursday in a minute.) It's apple couscous with cinnamon and yoghurt.  Only 317 calories and just the thing to start you off.  Now off you go and weigh yourself while I speak to Thursday about his  behaviour."  Nanny answered, distractedly clucking away.

Kipwil giggled quietly as she walked to the scales.  She was glad she didn't have a child like Thursday, he seemed more than a handful!  She found the scales, lying, snoring gently on the floor.  She used her toe to nudge it awake.

" Hmmmm, Humph, what,  what is it?  What day is it? " the scales muttered sleepily.

" Morning!  It's Wednesday morning and my name is Kipwil, pleased to meet you properly this time" Kipwil replied quietly but cheerily.

" KIPWIL!  Hello!  My name is Cyril, Cyril de Scales if you please. But since we will be working closely together you can just call me Cyril.  NOT CY!  Never Cy! I was given the name Cyril and that is what it will be.  Now, if you please, I'll close my eyes while you disrobe and step on me.  Gently though, there's no need for violent stamping so early in the morning," Cyril chattered away, in a very distinguished voice.

Kipwil smiled as Cyril tightly squeezed his eyes shut as she shed her dressing gown to the floor and stepped  carefully onto his face.  A slight grunt was all he gave as he appeared to be thinking.  Finally he spoke.

" Announcement. Kipwil, your starting weight was 55.9 kgs.  Your current weight is 52.4 kgs.  That is a loss of 3.5 kilograms which is 6.26 % of your body weight.  Congratulations."

Kipwil stood there stunned, her mouth hanging open.

" You can get off me now", said Cyril a little peevishly.

' I'm what?  How much?  Can you double check that please?  Kipwil stuttered in shock.

Cyril sighed heavily.   After a pause, with much muttering, he said, " No, no change.  The report is accurate. Now could I trouble you to please step off my face and let me sleep?

Kipwil hopped off quickly, dressed and apologised.  Then she went out to the viewing room.  There, etched on her board, was the weigh in result.

I can't believe it, she said shaking her head.  Hearing a noise behind her, she turned to see Hubba Hubba coming in.

" Well done!!! You are a legend!" said Hubba Hubba, lifting her in a giant bear hug.  " I could feel you were changing, you worked hard for it and see the results!"  Putting her down, Hubba Hubba went in to see how Nanny Nutrition was doing with breakfast.

Kipwil sat for a moment thinking hard.

I HAVE worked hard, she thought, so why am I so amazed?  Because I really didn't think it would work.  Well that is a GREAT head start!

Outside, Kipwil could hear other 12WBTers congratulating each other.  Each one was wearing a crown  with their weight loss flashing on it.  Some had lost lots, some only a little and some stayed the same, but everywhere were people cheering each other on, motivating them to strive and continue through to the next weekly weigh in. Kipwil was bubbling up with excitement and was almost dancing on air, she felt so much happiness.  She rushed through her breakfast and ran outside to join in the first weigh in party atmosphere.

What a result for our heroine!  What will happen in the next week of Kipwil's adventure?  Find out more, next time, look forward to seeing you!



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Ronnie said...

Such an amazing result for just one week. Go Kip!