Sunday, 11 September 2011

Chapter 12: The First duty.

The day was a beautifully sunny day for a fitness test, Kipwil's first duty as a 12WBTer.  Hubba Hubba and Kipwil changed into their 12WBT uniform and were almost out the door when a muffled voice could be heard from the golden envelope on the table.

Kipwil opened the envelope, to hear what the Weekly Surprise was saying.

" SURPRISE!" said the slip of paper, trailing more confetti and streamers in its wake. " Sorry, I can't help saying it.  But can I please come to and watch?"

" Certainly," said Kipwil smiling and tucked the slip of paper into her pocket, where it sang 'Celebration' to itself quietly.  " Let's go!"

Kipwil and Hubba Hubba walked to the testing ground.  Here was a 1km course mapped out and a mat to lie on for the floor tests.  There was a handy step for the flexibility test and a sturdy wall for the wall sit.  An enormous clock stood close by, ready to time each event and beside it a microphone.  Weekly Surprise popped its head out of her pocket.

' You need to announce which test you are doing so the StopClock can time you", it said cheerily.

First Kipwil stretched and warmed up.  She could still hear Weekly Surprise singing to itself, it sounded like Happy Birthday this time.  She looked at the list of tests and decided to attack the floor work stuff first. She walked over to the microphone, cleared her throat and said:

" Sit up first, thank you StopClock"

" NO TIME REQUIRED" tolled the clock seriously.

Kipwil lay on the mat.  There were several different levels to reach so long as her heels stayed on the ground.  The moment they popped up, that was the end of the test.  Kipwil wa sdisappointed to see she only managed  the first level, wrists over knees, and that was only just.

 Good Lord, this will be harder than I thought said Kipwil to herself, feeling demoralised.

" Come on Babe, that's only the first one, lets do the others" called out Hubba Hubba.

Kipwil walked over and announced to the microphone " Wall Sit please"

" Time is activated", said the StopClock deeply," Please announce Start point"

Kipwil took her place by the wall and slid down until she looked like she was sitting down. She called out "START" and StopClock began ticking.  She held it as StopClock counted the seconds.  Her thighs were screaming and she slid all the way down in a little heap at 38 seconds.

The next test was the push ups test.. After relaying that to StopClock, he wound himself up to the 1 minute mark.

" As many as you can in 1 minute" he instructed.

Kipwil could hear the tick.. tick.. tick.. of the enormous clock as she put herself into pushup poition, knees down and lowered herself to the ground.  She pushed and pushed, her shoulders planning revenge later (she could feel that!) all the while counting in her head "1 damn pushup, 2 bloody hell, 3 god this hurts, 4 again, 5 how long is a minute?....."
Soon enough the bell tolled the death of the minute and Kipwil leapt to her feet....24 pushups!!!!!!  WOOHOOO!!!!  A little whistle sounded and a shower of sparkles exploded from Kipwil's pocket.

"You were amazing!!!" enthused Weekly Surprise.

" Thanks WS, I'm pretty chuffed myself" replied Kipwil happily.

Then final floor test was a flexibility test.  Kipwil relayed that to StopClock who directed her to a ruler on the step.  Kipwil sat with her feet against the step and leaned forward as far as she could stretching out.  She did this 3 times to get her best 'score'.  She stretched a total of 8 cms over her toes and was again pleasantly surprised.

" Now for the final test" chirped Weekly Surprise from Kipwil's pocket. " The 1KM run, as fast as you can!!!!"

Kipwil lined up at the starting line.  StopClock had told her he would sound a starting bell and would time how long it took her to run that far.  She was ready and focused on the track ahead of her.  The bell rang loud ond true and Kipwil took off!

 She ran and ran and ran, it felt like forever.  Thanks to the runs in the forest, she was the most confident in this test.  She stretched out,  breathed deeply and faster than she was ready for, she crossed the finish line.

"Six Minutes And Eighten Seconds" tolled the StopClock," The Fitness Test is concluded. The next Fitness Test will be in 4 weeks.  You are streamed Intermediate."  The StopClock then burst into peals of joyous chimes, almost drowning out the nonstop music and fireworks erupting from Kipwil's pocket.

"You did it! You did it!  Now your results have been inscribed on your status wall.  Hope you win!!!!", called out Weekly Surprise, leaping about in Kipwil's pocket.

" Hubba Hubba, I'm in the Intermediate group!  But I did so badly on the sit up test! Do you think they streamed me right?" Kipwil exclaimed

" Again, so hard on yourself," said Hubba Hubba. " So you didn't do what you'd like on the sit up test.  But look at how well you did on the others!  Besides, this is not a competition.  It's just you.  Next time it will be better, just see how much you improve."

He's right thought Kipwil. I do tend to see just the one bad thing and forget about all the good things.  And it's my starting point!  I will have to add to my goal list, I WILL do situps by the next Fitness Test!

Kipwil and Hubba Hubba walked back home, and stood in front of the Status wall.  All her measurements, the Old Me photo and now her Fitness Test results were up in all their glory. After a quick hug,  Kipwil pressed the button to talk to Queen Mish while Hubba Hubba took a still excited Weekly Suprise back to its envelope.

" You've done your first duty as a 12WBTer I see, " smiled Queen Mish.  ' Well done you."

" Thanks", replied Kipwil mentally patting herself on her back.

' Now tonight at 5 pm, I will be addressing all my subjects and you are invited.  And just to let you know in advance, on Tuesday night will be our first lesson in thinking like a 12WBTer. I look forward to seeing you!" Queen Mish said, and the screen flickered out.

' I'll be there!" called Kipwil.

What will be Queen Mish's first message?  And how does a 12WBTer think?  What will Kipwil accomplish in her first week?  All will be revealed in future chapters of Living Life with Kipwil.

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