Friday, 2 September 2011

Chapter 5: Let's Go Shopping!!!

The next day dawned as rosy and bright as Kipwil's spirits.  She leapt out of bed and did a little happy dance, stamping her feet, spinning round and round until she collapsed on the bed again in fits of giggles.

" Kipwil!  Are you EVER coming out of bed!" laughed a familiar voice from the next room.

Kipwil rushed in to see Queen Michelle standing in the viewing room and she looked almost as excited as Kipwil herself!!

" It's time for your next task and you will LOVE this one! It's one of my favourites," Queen Michelle said, " You have worked so hard and fought so hard it is time for a little retail therapy.  We are going to get you outfitted and ready for life as a citizen here."

Kipwil gave a little squeal, and jumped up and down.

" I can't wait! I can't wait!", she said excitedly.

" Well come on then, let's go shopping!" and with that Queen Michelle was running out the door with Kipwil chasing her hot on her heels.

It was a short walk to the main street of 12WBT.  The shops were lined in an orderly fashion with wide, wide pathways out front.  Kipwil noticed several 12WBTers were running, jogging and walking along the pathways, greeting each other as they passed.  Some were in groups and others walked alone but all were pounding the pavement.  Kipwil could hear snippets of energetic music as they went but couldn't see where it came from.

' The music?", said Queen Michelle, noticing Kipwil looking around.  Kipwil nodded.

" It's the pavement." Queen Micchelle explained." Every step the 12WBTers take they create music.  The pavement picks up their energy and releases a sound which in itself becomes motivating to the people here exercising.  Nothing pumps you up like a good beat!!!" She laughed out loud.  " Come on!"

Together they ran onto the path and Kipwil could hear tunes coming up all around her.  It was not chaotic but harmonic, as if the stones themselves knew which note to make to create a fantastic sound.

All too soon, Queen Michelle stopped in front of a shop called " Hearts Run Free".

" In here," Queen Michelle showed Kipwil, " is a range of heart rate monitors.  This is a fantastic thing to have, it measures your energy in and out and helps you keep an eye on how that heart rate is going.  So what do you fancy?"

Kipwil browsed the shelves and was dazed at the varieties available.  Eventually she settle on a Polar FT7 in black and gold because it was able to be used in water when she learned how to swim.  Plus, it looked cool, way WAY cool.

Queen Michelle and Kipwil went in and out of many shops that for running, swimmers for swimming and everything else you need for that! They even signed Kipwil up at The Workshop gym, where Kipwil could do all the different types of exercise that was available.  Lastly, at the end of the day, they emerged from the final shop, " Gym for Him and Her" with a few different workout uniforms.  Kipwil was exhausted but was beaming, she was finally going to wear the 12WBT uniform!

" I can't wait to put all this stuff on and give it a go," Kipwil said to Queen Michelle happily.

" Well don't wait, let's do it! Go on, you can get changed in the store's changeroom.  I'll wait for you." was the immediate answer.

Kipwil raced off and soon was all rigged up.  Queen Michelle showed her how to work the heart rate monitor and off they went, walking briskly all over the town and the countryside, chatting and laughing and meeting more and more people.  At last they ended up back at Kipwil's rooms and Kipwil was suprised to learn that in only an hour and with lots of fun, she'd managed to burn off just over 500 calories!!!

" You go in and get a good night's sleep" Queen Michelle advised. " We'll talk again in the morning.  You are doing so well in your tasks, I'm so very proud of you for sticking to it and keeping on full steam ahead."

" Thanks Queen Michelle, today has just been fantastic.  I had a ball and I can't wait for tomorrow."  Kipwil replied happy but a little tiredly.

Kipwil watched as Queen Michelle ran down the road back toward the town.  She shut the door and stumbled into bed.  Before going to sleep though, she looked up at her map, looking at the first set of goals.
Today I truly believe I can do this", she thought to herself a little fuzzily as her head rested on the pillow.
But what she thought after we'll never know, because Kipwil was fast fast asleep.

All dressed up and nowhere to go for our heroine?  What is next in store?  Tune in next time to see the next task.

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